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Theft of Trade Secrets

To successfully prosecute a Theft of Trade Secrets case in Texas, certain elements must be proven at trial.  Those elements are:

  • Plaintiff owned a trade secret;
  • The defendant used or disclosed the trade secret:
    • In violation of a confidential or contractual relationship with the plaintiff;
    • After acquiring the trade secret by improper means; or
    • After acquiring the trade secret with notice that the disclosure was improper
  • Plaintiff suffered damages

If these elements are proven, Texas law provides for certain damages in a Theft of Trade Secrets action.  These damages may include:

  • Actual damages:
    • Plaintiff’s lost profits
    • Defendant’s profits gained
    • A reasonable royalty based on the following factors:
    • The foreseeable changes in the parties’ competitive posture
    • The price paid by purchasers or licensees in the past
    • The total value of the secret of the plaintiff, including development costs
    • The nature and extent of the use of the defendant
    • Other factors such as whether an alternative process exists
    • A hypothetical sale based on evidence of the amount a reasonable purchaser would have paid for the secret
  • Exemplary damages
  • Injunctive relief
  • Pre- and post-judgment interest
  • Court costs
  • Attorneys fees (if a contractual relationship exists)

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