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San Antonio Sexual Assault Lawyer

Those who suffer as victims of a sexual assault have a lot to deal with. These events are life-changing, and an often ruin lives. For every sexual assault you hear about on the news, there are hundreds of Texas sexual assaults no one ever hears about, including adults and children who choose to suffer in silence rather than tell anyone about what is happened to them. Sexual assault victims often need to deal with extremely difficult medical and psychological problems, and they often need a team of people who are on their side to help make them whole again.

The victims of sexual assault also need a lawyer they can talk to and discuss the possible civil legal remedies against the person or persons responsible for assaulting them. The right lawyer will help those victims take a stand against their abusers and to take back their lives.

The San Antonio Sexual Assaults Lawyers at Hill Law Firm have represented victims of sexual assault throughout Texas, and we have extensive experience in trying and settling these types of cases with great sensitivity. For example, for many years, we have been providing pro bono (free) legal advice to the Rape Crisis Center in a major Texas city. Our overall goal in representing sexual assault victims involves a lot more than bringing the perpetrators to justice. In many cases, where appropriate, we will also hold accountable any officials who looked the other way or those entities and individuals who failed in their duty to prevent the sexual assault in the first place.

Whenever someone has been the victim of a sexual assault, they should be aware that bringing criminal charges against the perpetrator is only part of their fight back. They should also talk to an attorney to discuss their civil options, as well. They need assistance in being compensated for every cost that they incur as a result of the sexual assault. The victims of sexual assault may have many avenues to recovery in the civil court system, and they should be aware of their options.  When a sexual assault occurs, landowners, employers, the perpetrators, and others may all legally be liable for some or all of the damages sustained.  If you have been a victim of sexual assault and need to speak to an attorney, call the experienced and proven San Antonio Sexual Assaults Lawyers at Hill Law Firm today, to speak about your case sensitively and confidentially.