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Sexual assault claims are among the most serious and heartbreaking cases we see. Those who have been victimized by a sexual assault have a lot to deal with. That is true whether the victim is an adult or a child. When a sexual assault happens, the effect can be traumatic and the victims’ lives are often ruined. And they happen all too often.

For every sexual assault you hear about on the Texas news, there are many others that go unreported. That means there are many Texans who don’t want to tell anyone about it, so they too often deal with extremely difficult medical and psychological problems on their own. That should never be the case. San Antonio sexual assault victims need a team to fight for them. The San Antonio sexual assault lawyer at Hill Law Firm is on your side and wants to help.

Sexual Assault Consultation

A Caring and Steady Presence in Your Corner

There are few personal injury cases that are as emotionally difficult as a sexual assault claim. The victims of sexual assaults, including sexual abuse, rape, or molestation, suffer many severe and lasting consequences and the injuries are often both physical and mental. At the Hill Law Firm, our sexual assault lawyer understands just how sensitive sexual assault cases can be, so we approach every one with complete care, sympathy, and confidentiality.

We understand that asking a client to recount one of the most horrible experiences is a difficult but very necessary part of the process, in order to ensure that the victim of the sexual assault is compensated properly, as well as to make sure the person responsible for the assault is held accountable and is prevented from doing the same to anyone else. Our office works with clinical experts to make sure every sexual assault victim who comes to us gets the care they need. Put simply, a sexual assault personal injury case is far more than just a claim for compensation — they can also be an essential part of the victim’s recovery.

Fighting Against Institutional Sexual Abuse

A sexual assault is a tragedy in every situation, but cases involving institutional or organizational negligence are particularly despicable. In many of these cases, perpetrators of sexual abuse or assault are enabled or even protected by churches, companies, and organizations, allowing them to abuse people for years. Recently, these types of cases have been brought to light in:

Our team is trained to investigate thoroughly and seek out the truth in a way that makes all liable parties responsible pay for their negligence. Of course, the person or persons who committed the sexual assault will be the target of most claims, but, depending on the circumstances, other parties may be liable as well, including a daycare or a school, a summer camp, or many others.

In some cases, someone may have known something and looked the other way when the assault happened. Perhaps someone created an environment in which sexual assault could have been predicted and they didn’t bother to mitigate. Perhaps a company failed to screen job applicants, or someone looked the other way when they shouldn’t have. In any case, we feel it is our duty to fight against institutional sexual abuse for adults and children alike.

Texas Law is There to Help You, and So Are We

Our San Antonio sexual assault lawyer and his team can find out what happened and determine who may have been negligent in some way. According to the Texas Family Code, certain types of professionals, like child care workers, teachers, doctors, and nurses are required to report sexual abuse within 48 hours of becoming aware of such an act. If one or more of them failed to do so and you became the victim of a sexual assault because of that, they may be liable, as well. There may be multiple liable parties in your sexual assault case, so even if the perpetrator of the assault has little or no means, another liable party‘s insurance company may provide an alternate source for compensation.

No sexual assault victim should go through all of this alone. They need a San Antonio sexual assault lawyer they can talk to about everything. They will have to discuss all possible civil legal remedies that may be available under Texas Law against those responsible for their assault. Having the right sexual assault lawyer means sexual assault victims will be able to take a stand against their abusers, which is a critical step toward taking back their lives.

A Guiding Hand Throughout the Process

This is not an easy process. There are many legal and procedural hurdles that must be jumped. Those who commit sexual assaults should face justice, but to do that, you need the assistance of a competent legal counsel. The San Antonio Sexual Assault Lawyer at Hill Law Firm has represented many sexual assault victims throughout Texas for many years, and our team has a strong track record of taking on these types of cases over many years and getting excellent settlements for our clients.

We also have provided pro bono (free) legal advice to San Antonio’s Rape Crisis Center. That is why our overall goal in representing involves far more than bringing perpetrators of sexual assaults to justice. When appropriate, we will also hold accountable any officials who looked the other way or any other people who may have failed in their duty to prevent the sexual assault in the first place. If we can prove that someone knew or should have known that the sexual assault was possible, or if someone tried to keep secret or cover up the assault, they should be held responsible, too.

Contact Our Experienced San Antonio Sexual Assault Lawyer

A victim of a sexual assault should realize that bringing criminal charges against the perpetrator of the assault marks just the most obvious step in their legal fight and in their fight back to something resembling normalcy. They should speak to a qualified San Antonio sexual assault lawyer and discuss their civil options, as well as their criminal options. Our law firm has prosecuted sexual assault lawsuits against the following:

  • Professional Athletes;
  • Churches;
  • Businesses;
  • Business Owners;
  • School Workers;
  • Family Members;
  • Amusement Parks;
  • Restaurants; and
  • Victim’s Bosses or Superiors.

Not only do victims need a fearless and zealous advocate, they need support. Further, victims need assistance when it comes to being compensated for every cost they incur as a result of the sexual assault, as well as all costs they will incur in the future, for all of their injuries, both physical and mental.

There may be many avenues to recovery, but only an experienced sexual assault attorney may see many of them. If you have been a victim of sexual assault and need to speak to an attorney, call the experienced and proven San Antonio injury lawyers at Hill Law Firm Accident and Injury Lawyers today, to speak about your case sensitively and confidentially.

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