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Every day, hardworking Texans go to work trusting that the equipment they use will not only help them to do their job more efficiently, but will also keep them safe and protected from any harm that might befall them.  Unfortunately, workplace accidents due to defective industrial equipment are all too common, and the resulting injuries are often catastrophic.

When an accident results from a piece of defective industrial equipment, the designer, manufacturer, and seller of the equipment may all be at fault.  If so, they will be responsible for compensating victims for any injuries that occur as a result of their faulty product – including compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, lost income, and future earnings.

san antonio defective industrial equipment attorney

If you have been injured as a result of defective industrial equipment, it is important that you consult with a San Antonio defective industrial equipment attorney who has proven results in handling these types of accidents in order to determine the best legal strategy for getting you the compensation that you deserve.  There are many different legal theories which can be used to hold the guilty party responsible for their defective product, and only an experienced, specialized San Antonio personal injury lawyer will know which avenue to pursue to maximize your recovery.

For example, the designer of the equipment may be liable if a dangerous product could have easily been modified in a way that would make it safer for its ultimate user.  A manufacturer may be liable if the product that was actually produced did not comply with the specifications set forth by the designer, and was thereby rendered less safe than other similar products of the same line, and the actual seller of the product may be liable if the product makes it to the workplace without an adequate warning as to the safety hazards it may pose when proper precautions are not taken.

Additionally, sellers may be liable if their products do not comply with the warranties that accompany them when sold.  As some of these warranties may be implied in the law despite not being expressly stated to the purchaser, it is important to consult with an attorney who is familiar with industrial equipment warranties and the remedies that can be pursued when a product fails to comply with them.

Defective machinery that cause work injuries on industrial sites may include:

  • Harnesses;
  • Drill presses;
  • Saws;
  • Harnesses;
  • Forklifts;
  • Bulldozers;
  • Valves;
  • Acetylene Tanks;
  • Welding Equipment;
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Monitoring Equipment;
  • Elevators;
  • Boilers; and
  • Other defective machines.

If you have been injured by a piece of industrial equipment, contact the San Antonio, Texas Defective Industrial Equipment Lawyer at Hill Law Firm today. It is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible to ensure that evidence is preserved, witness statements are taken, and you and your family have a representative to help coordinate any government or employer investigations.  Call Hill Law Firm Accident and Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation.

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