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San Antonio Uber Eats Delivery Crash Lawyer

Uber Eats Delivery Crash San Antonio

What do Uber Eats drivers do?

Uber Eats drivers pick up food from local restaurants, chains, grocery stores, and even gas stations in order to deliver to customers’ homes and offices. Nationally, this has become a huge trend for the restaurant industry and for consumers. In San Antonio, use of these services has also been on the rise. Right now, in San Antonio, there are close to 100 participating restaurants on Uber Eats. As our cities begin to rely more heavily on Uber Eats drivers during COVID-19 and work from home changes, it is essential to ensure that both delivery drivers and other drivers on the road are safe.

A few facts about Uber Eats drivers and accidents:

  • Accidents involving Uber Eats drivers are higher during high-traffic times usually around lunchtime or rush hour;
  • Uber Eats drivers are paid based upon the distance between the pick-up and drop-off location along with the time spent on the road;
  • Uber Eats drivers are likely looking at their app while they are driving to find directions;
  • Many Uber Eats delivery drivers are messaging their customers or restaurants while driving;
  • There are a variety of distractions inherent in the Uber Eats food delivery service that can cause crashes; and
  • Often, these routes are unfamiliar to drivers or they may rush in and out of parking lots which can prove to be hazardous for other drivers.

Who provides Uber Eats drivers their cars?

Uber Eats drivers provide their own cars since they are independent contractors according to Uber. Because their vehicles are being used for business purposes, they are also encouraged to purchase their own specialty insurance coverage to avoid being an uninsured driver while working. This is a choice, however, and some drivers choose not to because it is an additional cost. Uber Eats drivers must have personal auto insurance when applying to drive.

How does Uber Eats screen drivers?

Uber Eats conducts a background check when individuals apply to become drivers. How intensive or detailed those background checks are is debatable. Since many Uber drivers have a history of crashes and moving violations, it is not clear what service does the background checks. They also require a background check every six months or so. At a minimum, drivers must:

  • Have a year of driving experience;
  • Have access to a 2- or 4-door car that is 20 years old or newer; and
  • Have a driver’s license, up-to-date registration, and vehicle insurance.

States and cities are also allowed to enforce other restrictions that may be different than those required by Uber Eats. In San Antonio, drivers must:

  • Have a 15 year old vehicle or newer;
  • Have a 4-door vehicle; and
  • Have no commercial branding.

In San Antonio, however, drivers can have both official and temporary registration documents when applying to drive. This could make a difference if you are hit by a driver with a temporary registration.

How much insurance does Uber Eats provide their drivers?

All of the coverage provided by Uber to its drivers is conditional meaning the coverage is different when the app is on verus when it is off. According to Uber’s own website, if a driver has accepted a delivery up until the time a delivery is made, Uber provides $1,000,000 in liability coverage per coverage car crash.

If a driver is between deliveries, the Uber Eats insurance policy provides up to:

  • $25,000 for property damage
  • $50,000 for bodily injury
  • $100,000 for bodily injury for more than one person in a single accident

This coverage differs from the moment a driver accepts a delivery request until the time that the delivery is completed. If this timeframe is when a driver hits you, then the Uber Eats insurance policy provides up to $1 million of commercial auto liability per accident.

Do Uber Eats drivers have their own insurance coverage?

Uber Eats drivers are screened and must have insurance coverage. However, in the event of an accident, their personal auto insurance often will not cover an accident. Once a driver uses their vehicle for pay, hence delivery, commercial insurance coverage is then required. This is optional for Uber Eats drivers and many choose not to get the extra coverage.

Can I sue if an Uber Eats driver injures me in a crash?

As with any crash, you have the right to seek compensation for damages to yourself and your property. Many times, insurance companies will not disclose the extra policy coverage that an Uber Eats driver might have, so it’s generally recommended that you reach out to a San Antonio car accident lawyer if you’ve been injured. 

What steps should I take if I’ve been injured by an Uber Eats driver?

Let us help you handle your Uber Eats delivery driver accident claim

Over 200,000 injuries occur every year on Texas roads due to crashes, which amounts to an injury every two minutes on average. Fault in car wrecks, especially with those involving Uber Eats delivery drivers, is often disputed and insurance adjusters do not always have your best interest at heart.

What happens when your claim is denied? You need an experienced San Antonio personal injury attorney who will stick up for you and fight for your rights to compensation. Finding an attorney with experience handling Uber Eats delivery driver accidents is also helpful in ensuring that you will receive the best representation. Schedule a free consultation through our online submission form today.

If you’ve been hit by an Uber Eats driver, call our office at (210) 899-5031. We can review the details of your case, assess damages, and go over options. Our goal is to have your best interest at the forefront, so we will make sure to acquire all the facts of your case in an effort to get you the best result.

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