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San Antonio Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The popularity of motorcycles has risen dramatically over the past several years.  More people are riding motorcycles.  Most people ride motorcycles for recreation on weekends or with groups of other riders.  Some people still continue to use motorcycles as their primary mode of transportation.  With the rise of motorcycle ridership, and general rise in traffic, motorcycle accidents have increased across the nation.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were almost five-hundred deaths and six-thousand serious injury in 2011 due to motorcycle accidents.  Nationwide tens of thousands of motorcyclists are killed or seriously injured in accidents every year. The San Antonio motorcycle accidents attorney at Hill Law Firm is experienced in helping those injured or killed in motorcycle accident including cases for defective motorcycles, defective motorcycle helmets, and negligence by other drivers leading to injuries or death of motorcycle riders.

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by other drivers failing to pay attention and properly share the road with those driving motorcycles.  Due to the size of motorcycles compared to other vehicles on the road, the motorcyclists often suffer serious injuries or death whenever accidents occur.

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When motorcycle accidents happen, the victims and their families are often in need of an experienced personl injury lawyer to stand up for their rights against insurance companies, other drivers, and those standing in the way of justice.  If you’ve been injured or have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, please contact the lawyer at Hill Law Firm today.  Our motorcycle accident attorney at Hill Law Firm has convenient offices located in San Antonio.