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JUUL is a popular electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) device used for vaporizing nicotine and other chemicals. JUUL advertises that one of its cartridges contains 5% nicotine – about twice the amount in other popular e-cigarette devices. While users have already begun to experience short-term health effects from JUULing, no one knows the long-term effects.

So far, plaintiffs have brought lawsuits against JUUL for deceptively marketing to teenagers and failing to issue proper health warnings. Exploding e-cigarettes have also resulted in dozens of lawsuits. If JUUL has caused you or a loved one an injury, including severe nicotine addiction, contact Hill Law Firm Accident and Injury Lawyers for a free discussion about your legal options. The company could owe you compensation and a San Antonio JUUL lawsuit lawyer at our law firm can help you secure it.

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  • We have gone up against large corporations and manufacturers in product liability lawsuits throughout Texas and won.
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Why You Should Hire an Attorney

Going up against JUUL or another e-cigarette manufacturer is easier with help from an attorney. Hill Law Firm Accident and Injury Lawyers have experience going head to head with companies that have extensive resources and powerful legal teams. We do not back down from a fight on behalf of injured clients. Our attorneys can take care of every aspect of your lawsuit for you, from filing the initial claim to fighting for fair compensation during insurance settlement negotiations, while you and your family focus on healing from your injuries.

What Are the Dangers of JUUL?

One of the driving forces behind JUUL lawsuits is the way the company has historically marketed to young people. Parents have filed suits against the manufacturing company for allegedly packaging and advertising its products toward young, impressionable users. Lawsuits have argued that rainbow-colored cartridges and flavors such as cotton candy specifically target teenagers and preteens. Vaporizing high volumes of nicotine at a young age could have many negative effects on the user.

  • Nicotine addiction
  • Increased odds of smoking tobacco cigarettes
  • Increased sensitivity to other drugs
  • The inhalation of potentially toxic chemicals
  • Effects on the brain from nicotine
  • Developmental delays
  • Greater impulsivity

Most recently, an outbreak of a mysterious lung illness related to e-cigarettes and vaping impacted over 1,500 people throughout the U.S. The illness took the lives of over 30 victims. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says all patients with the illness have a history of using vaping products. The disease has caused coughing, shallow breathing and chest pain, as well as gastrointestinal problems such as nausea and vomiting in patients.

Can You Hold JUUL Responsible for Your Damages?

You have two years from the date you discover you or your child’s injuries to file a civil claim in the state of Texas. Bringing a lawsuit against JUUL could result in payment for your medical expenses, past and future disabilities, pain and suffering, lost wages, legal costs, property damages, and more. Whether you suffered injuries in an e-cigarette explosion or have a serious vaping-related illness, you may have grounds for a suit against JUUL for negligently causing your damages.

The elements you will need to hold JUUL responsible for losses are duty, breach of duty, causation, and damages. Your attorney will need to prove that JUUL breached a duty of care to you or a loved one, such as by marketing its products toward youth or allowing a defective e-cigarette to fall into the hands of consumers. Then, your lawyer will need to draw a connection between JUUL’s breach of duty and your damages. You will need to have suffered economic or noneconomic losses to have a claim against JUUL.

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