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The following are a select list of some of the cases handled by the Personal Injury Lawyer at Hill Law Firm.

Leonard et al v. Fair Oaks Club Corp.

Represented more than 10 plaintiffs against a country club in a case arising from a propane explosion. The Plaintiffs were enjoying dinner on a patio when a custom built table with propane burner embedded exploded. Many of the clients suffered mild traumatic brain injuries, hearing loss, cuts, burns, and other injuries as a result of this explosion. The case settled for a confidential sum but for an amount way in excess of the defense counsel’s offer that “would never increase.”

Reyes v. Tri-Built

Mr. Reyes was injured on the job when the structure he was roofing collapsed. He suffered life-altering lower leg injuries that necessitated many surgeries and will limit his ability to work for the rest of his life. After multiple San Antonio personal injury law firms turned down his case, Justin took his case. He proved that the contractor was responsible for Mr. Reyes’s injuries. The case settled for a confidential amount. The settlement ensures that Mr. Reyes is taken care of for the rest of his life.

Ramirez v. 210 Ceviche et al

Represented all the Plaintiffs in a case stemming from a tragic drunk driving accident that took the lives of two young adults and permanently injured two more. The case required proving that a bar over-served a lady that hit the Plaintiffs going 70 miles per hour while intoxicated. The case settled for a confidential sum and changes to company policies.

Escobedo v. FedEx Freight

A husband and father of two was permanently injured and underwent back surgery following an on the job incident. Mr. Hill established that the Defendant failed to follow proper procedures and led to the Plaintiffs injuries. After two law firms refused to help Mr. Escobedo, Hill Law Firm stepped up and worked hard to achieve a favorable confidential settlement.

Smith v. Michelin

Two people were permanently and catastrophically injured when the tire on their recreational vehicle failed at highway speeds. Even though the Plaintiff did everything right and purchased new tires, a defect in the tire caused an accident. After traveling to Europe and all over the United States establishing liability, the case settled for a confidential sum.

Campos v. Greyhound

Multiple people were killed and injured when a mechanical failure caused a commercial bus to rollover. After years of hard work including almost one hundred depositions, the cases settled for a confidential sum.

Balch v. Blitz USA

Two young boys were playing in a garage, when a gas can was tipped over and the vapors ignited. The gas can exploded due to the failure of the company to incorporate a safety device that cost less than one dollar. One toddler was killed and another young boy burned. Mr. Hill represented the family in their lawsuit and in bankruptcy proceedings. Until the bitter end, Mr. Hill fought to make sure the family got justice.

Trejo v. Surratt

A young lady suffered a very complex and serious medical issue following an accident. The insurance company did not believe that this injury was caused by the accident and refused to take it seriously. After Hill Law Firm took over the case, the insurance company upped their offer to settle the case by a multiple of four. The case settled for a confidential sum.

Gomez v. Riowing

Represented a fireman whom lost a leg when a drunk driver hit him on his motorcycle. Plaintiffs proved that the bar serving the Drunk Driver over served him when they knew he was obviously intoxicated. The case settled while a jury was deliberating the verdict.

Rivera v. (denial turned into policy)

After a lady got high on drugs and ran a stop sign killing a father of one and injuring a young lady, the insurance company denied coverage and alleged the woman stole the vehicle from her ex-husband. After exhaustive discovery and investigation, Hill Law Firm was able to show the insurance company that their made up denial did not hold water. The case settled for policy limits.

Barnes v. Uvalde

A young mother and wife injured her neck so bad it required surgery when a concrete truck hit her at a stop sign. Due to tireless investigation into the company, it was revealed the driver did not have a license and the company knew. The case settled for a confidential sum when

Watson v. Multiple Entities

When the oil boom slowed, many small business were stuck holding unpaid invoices. One company turned to Hill Law Firm to help them force their customers to pay the money they owed.

Fisher v. TNT Crane & Rigging

A young college student was tragically injured when a man in a work truck crossed the center line and hit her head-on. It turns out, that man was intoxicated after spending the evening entertaining company clients on the company credit card. Justin Hill was able to hold the company accountable and got the case resolved for a favorable confidential sum.

Pedroza v. Turimex

One of our elderly clients was seriously injured when the bus company failed to provide her accommodations to account for her disabilities. Her injuries included a broken hip. The case was settled for a confidential sum after Hill Law Firm was able to prove the company was negligent in their actions.

Disclaimer: Past success is not indicative of future results or your individual case)