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Youth sports should be an opportunity for children to learn teamwork, social skills and healthy habits. It should be a rewarding experience for children, not a place where sex offenders expose them to heinous crimes. Sadly, thousands of youth throughout America have suffered sexual abuse and assault by sports coaches and other youth sports personnel. If you or a loved one is a survivor of youth sports sexual abuse, please contact the San Antonio lawyers at Hill Law Firm. We will keep your identity and the information you give us strictly confidential during your free initial consultation.

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  • We have years of experience. Our firm focuses mostly on personal injury law, with years of positive case results supporting the fact that we know how to obtain the results our clients need.
  • We are an award-winning firm. Our lead attorney, Justin Hill, has won accolades for his legal services such as Top 40 Under 40, Texas Super Lawyers Rising Stars and Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Texas.
  • We care about clients. What we are most proud of is the hundreds of people we have helped get back on their feet over the years. Justin Hill treats survivors of youth sports sexual abuse with the utmost respect and privacy.

What Is Youth Sports Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse refers to intentional and knowing sexual activities between an adult and a child, regardless of whether the person knew the age of the child at the time. Sadly, children may be at risk of sexual abuse in youth sports due to coaches’ often unregulated access to players. Parents generally trust sports coaches and physicians to take care of their children and may not worry about leaving children alone with them. The imbalance of power between the coach and the player can exacerbate abuse scenarios and lead to terrible sex crimes.

It is up to the sports program or organization to help prevent youth sports abuse. A sports program should have procedures in place for preventing abuse, such as proper employee training and reporting protocols. It should never allow an adult and a child to be alone in a room together. It should also recognize the potential signs of sexual abuse among youth participants. If the program fails in any of these duties, resulting in sexual abuse, it could be legally responsible for survivors’ damages.

Legal Options for Sexual Abuse Survivors

If you discover your child has suffered sexual abuse from a youth sports coach, take your case to Hill Law Firm Accident and Injury Lawyers. Justin Hill and his associates can help you take the steps necessary to bring a claim against the youth sports organization or other parties in pursuit of justice. We can name the appropriate defendant for your action, properly evaluate your damages and fight for maximum compensation using proven legal tactics. A successful lawsuit against the sports organization could shed light on a very dark practice in your community, as well as bring your family closure.

Time Limit for Filing

If you experienced youth sports sexual abuse as a child and wish to bring a claim as an adult, you have until age 33 to do so under Texas’s current statute of limitations. A new bill introduced in 2019, however, may extend the deadline to age 48 – 30 years after the survivor turns 18 instead of the current time limit of 15 years. It is important to know your statute of limitations, so you do not forfeit the right to claim damages. Keep up with the latest sexual abuse laws with assistance from Hill Law Firm Accident and Injury Lawyers.

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Protecting your rights or your child’s rights as a survivor of youth sports sexual abuse is our main mission at Hill Law Firm Accident and Injury Lawyers. We can help you take action against a sports organization in San Antonio for negligently facilitating sexual abuse, as well as for vicarious liability over the actions of its coaches and personnel. You can remain anonymous during your case if desired. Let us help you pursue justice. Contact us today for a confidential consultation.

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