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Gas can defects are an unknown danger to most consumers.  The reality is that many gas container manufacturers chose to remove safety devices that were meant to make gas cans safer when used in foreseeable manners. The removal of these devices and failure to correct known problems has led to wrongful death and serious injuries of people all across the country including numerous children. Burn injuries often require years of treatment–if not a whole lifetime. The magnitude of the potential harm associated with improperly designed or manufactured gas containers cannot be overstated.

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Gas can defect cases typically divide into two areas:

Flame Arrestors

For over 100 years, flame arrestor technology has been around to prevent vapor and gas flashback fires. In the past, gas can manufacturers sometimes included flame arrestors in their gas cans. Within recent years, the automation of the gas can making process and the focus on speed and profits over safety has led many manufacturers to remove vital safety features from gas cans. The flame arrestor, intended to prevent flame from flashing back into the gas container and causing an explosion, has been one removed safety feature. If you or a loved one have been injured or killed as a result of a gas can explosion, it may be the result of a flame arrestor being absent in your gas container. Call the San Antonio personal injury lawyer at Hill Law Firm today for a free consultation about your rights if you suspect a defective gas can caused you or a loved one’s injuries.

Spill Proof/Child Proofing

Another known defect present in some gas containers is lack of child-proofing. Gas can manufacturers have known for years about the risks associated with children having access to gasoline. For as long as gas cans have been around, accidents involving children spilling or accidentally expelling gasoline have been known to the industry. The consequences associated with spilled gas or poured gas and children are oftentimes tragic. For these reasons, gas can manufacturers have known about the importance of child-proofing gas cans to prevent injuries. Regardless of the knowledge that they have had- manufacturers have continued to fail at properly child-proof their cans. If your child has been injured by a gas can with improper childproofing, contact the Gas Can Defect Lawyer at Hill Law Firm Accident and Injury Lawyers today.

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The San Antonio Gas Can Defect Injury Attorney at Hill Law Firm Accident and Injury Lawyers is experienced in handling gas can defect cases.  We will review your case to determine if you have a claim against a gas container manufacturer or the third-party that sold the gas can. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed as the result of a gas can related fire, contact the San Antonio product defects attorney at Hill Law Firm today to set up a free consultation at our office in San Antonio.

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