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If you have reason to believe your child is a victim of the heinous crime of daycare sexual abuse in San Antonio, Texas, Hill Law Firm Accident and Injury Lawyers can speak to you about a potential case during a free and confidential consultation. Our attorneys are committed to supporting and representing survivors of daycare sexual assault. We will work hard to achieve the justice and accountability that your family deserves for this unimaginable crime.

Why Choose the Hill Law Firm’s San Antonio Daycare Sexual Abuse Lawyer?

  • We can guide your family through the process of filing a civil lawsuit against the individual perpetrator and/or daycare center for sex abuse using personalized legal strategies.
  • Our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for clients in successful case outcomes. We are proud to say we have a 99 percent case success rate.
  • Your daycare sexual abuse attorney at Hill Law Firm will not charge you a dime unless he or she wins your case. Our San Antonio daycare injury lawyer only gets paid if you do.

What Is Sexual Abuse?

The definition of sexual abuse under Texas Penal Code Section 21.01 is any sexual activity or sexual contact with another person without that person’s consent. Child sexual abuse is to knowingly or intentionally engage in sexual activity with someone under the age of 18, whether or not the perpetrator knew the age of the child at the time of the offense.

Daycare sexual abuse can refer to many criminal acts against children at these facilities, including:

  • Touching of the private parts, including a female’s breasts
  • Sexual contact with intent to arouse one or both parties
  • Child molestation, including groping and fondling
  • Child pornography or sexual exploitation
  • Penetration of another person’s mouth, genitals or anus
  • Sexual intercourse, including rape, attempted rape and statutory rape

“Continuous sexual abuse of a young child” under Section 21.02 of the law is to commit two or more acts of sexual abuse against one or more victims who are under the age of 14 during a period of at least 30 days. Any type of sexual contact involving a child at a daycare center is a sex crime in Texas.

Providing Empathetic Representation for Victims

At Hill Law Firm Accident and Injury Lawyers, we give compassionate and empathetic legal representation to daycare sexual abuse victims and their families. We can handle cases involving sexual assaults by daycare staff members, playground supervisors, fellow children at the daycare center and strangers who gained access to the premises. Parents come to us when they need smart and aggressive legal strategies that always put the client first. We can keep the identity of the victim anonymous, if desired.

Texas Law Protects Victims of Sexual Abuse

Under the Texas Family Code, certain individuals are mandated reporters when it comes to cases of child sexual assault and abuse. These reporters include childcare workers, teachers and doctors. Mandated reporters are legally required to report sexual abuse incidents within 48 hours of discovery. If a childcare professional at a daycare center failed to meet this obligation in your daycare sexual abuse case, he or she may be held liable in a civil action.

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Daycare sexual abuse can have civil and criminal consequences for the perpetrator, daycare center or employer. To discuss the possibility of filing a civil claim in San Antonio for a case of daycare sexual abuse, contact Hill Law Firm Accident and Injury Lawyers to arrange a free case evaluation. We will listen to your story and give you sound legal advice during a confidential case review. Call (210) 960-3939 today.

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