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Automotive Defects Attorney San Antonio

The Automotive Defects Lawyer at Hill Law Firm has years of experience handling automotive defect cases.  Every year, a number of vehicle defects result in a great number of fatalities and serious injuries. Hill Law Firm in San Antonio has recovered a number of very substantial settlements for victims injured or killed due to vehicle defects.  If you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one in an automobile accident, it could have been caused by a design or manufacturing defect.

A vehicle may be considered defective due to a number of factors. Perhaps the manufacturers failed to include certain safety features that were available, or those safety features may not have perform up to standards.  For example, airbags are considered an essential safety feature. Sometimes, however, airbags may fail to deploy, or may deploy with too much force or cause metal debris to shoot around the cabin, making them unreasonably dangerous.

Another key safety feature that is included in most vehicles is the Electronic Stability Control (ESC),  which is designed to improve the driver’s ability to handle  the  vehicle   under unusual circumstances. The ESC also has an effect  on vehicle stability, to ensure  that the driver maintains control of the vehicle.  A vehicle that is not equipped with an ESC system may be considered defective, or a vehicle may have a faulty ESC system, and maybe  consider unstable. “Stability,” measures how likely a vehicle is to roll over in an accident.

Another common automotive defect comes with the gas tank. Defectively designed vehicles, or vehicles with defectively designed gas tanks both can be very dangerous,  because the fuel  can catch fire, and cause serious damage  to the vehicle  and/or serious injury or death to the occupants. In many cases, gas tank fires result  from excess gasoline being released from the tank  after a  crash. This can happen when the filler neck is pulled out of the tank, or when the guarding around the tank fails and the tank becomes punctured  in a crash. In either case,  this  may be due to a  defective gas tank. If so, hiring a skilled automotive defects attorney can help get compensation for your damages.

Another major source of automotive defects is the tires. The most common type of tire defects  are delamination or detread, both of which involves the various layers of steel belts separating from each other and the outside tread. Whenever large strips of tread, or even smaller chunks of the tire separate from the tire while the vehicle is driving down the highway, the likelihood of a blowout,which is a sudden and dangerous loss in air pressure,  is severely increased, as is the driver’s ability to control the vehicle. Both of these circumstances create a very dangerous situation and make a defective tire accident a much greater possibility.

Over the past year, we have seen a record number of recalls due to automotive defects  of various kinds, involving various parts of many vehicles. The numbers seem to indicate that  automotive defects  are not small problem.

If you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one  in any sort of the vehicle crash,  an automotive defect may have been a factor. Too  often, the victims of accidents caused by automotive defects have no idea that the defect was a cause of their injuries.