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Cyclospora Outbreak Hits Bexar County Hard

For the sixth summer in a row, Texas state and local health officials are busy trying to find out what has thus far caused more than 200 reported cases of cyclospora to date. So far, the foodborne pathogen has hit 45 Texas counties this year, including 28 cases in Bexar County alone. That total is…

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Food Poisoning

Branson Duck Boat Tragedy Brings Up Questions of Safety

As we all know by now, there was a disastrous duck boat accident in Branson, Missouri, in which one of the amphibious boats, which have come to be known as “duck boat,” capsized and sank in 40 feet of water on Table Rock Lake during what was supposed to be a fun family outing for…

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Bus Accidents

FDA Recalls Medications for Carcinogen Contamination

Earlier this week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a voluntary recall of several medications that contain the generic valsartan, a medication that is used by  doctors  to treat high blood pressure and prevent heart failure. Which Medications Are Being Recalled? According to the recall statement released by the FDA, the recall was issued…

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Product Liability, Recall

False Claims Act Case Pays Off for Whistleblower

As we have noted previously, The federal False Claims Act triggers civil and criminal penalties for healthcare providers and others who make fraudulent claims under any sort of government contracts, as well as under programs like Medicare and Medicaid and Veterans Administration benefits programs. The vast majority of False Claims Act settlements come out of…

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False Claims Act

Texas Health Officials Issue Warning About Parasitic Outbreak

Health officials in Texas sounded the alarm Monday, as they announced their investigation of the circumstances surrounding at least 58 cases of illness related to the cyclospora parasite just since the beginning of May. While Travis County has been hardest hit, with 16 cases so far, Bexar County is right behind them, with 11 cases…

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Food Poisoning

Why You Should Always Take Head Injuries Seriously

There is a lot of research available regarding Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, that indicates a very strong connection between even the “mildest” form of head injury and diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. What that means is, any accident that causes any level of brain injury has the potential to leave behind a lot…

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Another Salmonella Outbreak and Some Foods To Be Careful With

Not long ago, we told you about a salmonella outbreak connected to lettuce that had the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asking all American to avoid eating romaine lettuce altogether. Now, there is a second salmonella outbreak under investigation for the same contamination, this time related to fresh-cut fruit. According to the CDC, this…

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Food Poisoning, Recall

When a Minor Shoots Others, Who’s Liable Under Texas Law?

Over the past several weeks, it seems as if everyone in the state of Texas has been mourning the recent tragedy that occurred at Santa Fe High School in the southeast Texas town of Santa Fe., about 30 miles outside Houston.  Authorities are investigating the incident, which took the lives of 10 students: Jared Black,…

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Product Liability

Fiat Chrysler Issues Massive Vehicle Recall

The last several years have been the most drastic ever when it comes to motor vehicle recalls. This is because automakers apparently let things go for too long a few years back and paid dearly for that, in the form of government fines and lawsuit settlements. Now, they are becoming more proactive and trying to…

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Automotive Defects, Recall