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If Your Vehicle is Recalled, What Are Your Rights?

Over the past several years especially, we have seen a rash of auto recalls, as manufacturers try to make their vehicles safer and safety officials try to make sure vehicle manufacturers are not flooding the roads with unsafe vehicles. A recall can affect a few dozen vehicles or it can affect hundreds of thousands or…

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Automotive Defects, Recall

What’s Happened to Our Roads In the Last Century? Not Enough

Sunday, November 18 marked the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. The purpose of this day is to be a reminder of the human tragedies that lie behind all of the horrible data related to traffic crashes. According to auto historians, the first few years when people started taking to the streets in…

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Auto Accidents

San Antonio PD Has Been Cracking Down Hard on DWI

For drivers in San Antonio, it may seem as if you have seen an uptick in the number of drunk driving stories on the TV news or in the local newspaper in recent months, you are not imagining things. Police agencies all over Texas have been cracking down on those who make the irresponsible choice to…

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Drunk Driving Accidents

Driving Safely Around Emergency Vehicles

On any given day on any Texas road, you can be driving along and minding your own business when you suddenly hear sirens wailing and it causes a slight panic. Are they targeting you? You look up at the rearview mirror and see emergency lights flashing. There is an emergency somewhere, so what do you…

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Vehicle Safety

Two Food Recalls Texans Should Be Aware Of

In the last few days, two food recalls have been announced that everyone should be aware of.  One has to do with possible food poisoning, while the other involves the potential for undeclared milk products that could pose health problems for those with allergies. Don’t Lick the Cake Batter Spoon! The first recall, announced Monday,…

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Food Poisoning, Recall, Salmonella Outbreak