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San Antonio Fraud Attorney

Business transactions happen every minute all over the world.  When parties enter into a contract or some form of business relationship, they assume the other party is being fair, honest, and forthright.  However, that is sometimes not the case.  Sometimes innocent parties enter into agreements or spend money based on lies, deceit, and fraud; which may lead to contract breaches and shareholder disputes. When that happens, one party necessarily has been cheated.  Fraud can lead to one party losing significant amounts of money, property, or rights.  When fraud happens, the entire system has been wronged.

If you have been a victim of fraud, you deserve aggressive proven legal representation to fight for your legal rights.  The Texas Fraud Attorney at Hill Law Firm is here to discuss your legal options with a convenient office in San Antonio.  To be successful in proving a fraud case in Texas, a plaintiff must prove:

  1. A representation was made to a person;
  2. The representation was material;
  3. The material representation was false;
  4. When the representation was made, the speaker:
  • Knew that the representation was false or made the representation recklessly without any knowledge of its truth and as a positive assertion;
  • The speaker made the representation with the intent that the plaintiff act upon it;
  • The plaintiff relied on the representation; and
  • The representation caused the plaintiff injury.

In Texas, fraud lawsuits are difficult, drawn out, and often expensive.  Proving fraud is hard.  However, it is not impossible and can be done on the right cases.  If you think you have been the victim of fraud and want to discuss your rights, call the Texas Fraud Attorney at Hill Law Firm. The Texas Commercial Fraud Lawyer at Hill Law Firm is here to answer any questions you may have regarding your potential Commercial Fraud matter.