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San Antonio Breach of Contract Lawyer

A contract is an agreement between two or more people to be legally bound to do or not to do something.  This often involves the sale or purchase of goods or services.  Other types of contracts include employment contracts, representation agreements, purchase/sell agreements, and others.  All contracts must include certain elements to be a legal contract.  On occasion, one party will fail to perform their obligations under the contract–such as failure to pay for goods delivered.  When one party breaches a contract, the other party must decide if they will file a lawsuit or just accept that they have been wronged.  Similar to the case with Breach of Fiduciary Duty, when filing a lawsuit for breach of contract in Texas, certain elements must be proven.

san antonio breach of contract attorney

To successfully prosecute a Breach of Contract case in Texas, certain elements must be proven at trial. Those elements are:

  1. A valid contract existed between the plaintiff and the defendant;
  2. The plaintiff is a proper party to sue for breach of the contract;
  3. The plaintiff tendered performance or was excused from doing so;
  4. The defendant breached the terms of the contract
  5. The plaintiff sustained damages as a result of the defendant’s breach

If these elements are proven, Texas law provides for certain damages in a Breach of Contract action. These damages may include:

  1. Actual damages
  2. Liquidated damaged (in some circumstances)
  3. Nominal damages
  4. Equitable remedies
  5. Attorneys Fees
  6. Costs of suit

The Texas Breach of Contract Attorney at Hill Law Firm is here to help you with your breach of contract questions.  The lawyer at Hill Law Firm has advised people regarding employment contracts, purchase/sell agreements, and representation agreements.  Every contract is different and must be analyzed by the terms of the contract.  If you have questions regarding a contract breach, call Hill Law Firm today to schedule a consultation in our San Antonio office.  Hill Law Firm is willing to discuss alternative fee arrangements and offer a free consultation.

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