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Texas High-Speed Chase Fatality

Texas High-Speed Chase Leads to Fatal Accident in Houston

One of the most dangerous activities police engage in on a regular basis is the high-speed chase. As a result, these high-speed chases, kill an average one person  daily nationwide.  That includes about 150 innocent bystanders  who are killed every single year. Often, this includes the passengers inside the fleeing  vehicle, which often include babies, children, elderly people, and those who are not involved in the reason for the pursuit.

Tuesday night, August 12, a woman who was driving what Houston Police believed to be a stolen Nissan Sentra died after a police chase in Houston, when she crashed into a truck at about 8 p.m. in the vicinity of Bush Intercontinental Airport. The impact of the crash crushed the Nissan and caused heavy damage to the truck, which ended up on the median. Both occupants of the Nissan were ejected on impact.

After the crash, the  female driver and the male passenger who was inside the car were both taken to Ben Taub General Hospital, where the driverwas later pronounced dead. According to Houston police, the passenger, who was walking and talking after the crash, and who even tried to pull a knife on officers, was expected to live. He will be charged with resisting arrest, in addition to any charges that might stem from the pursuit itself.

The pursuit began at about 7:30 PM, when the driver of the Nissan refused to pull over for Harris County Sheriff’s deputies along Interstate 45 at West Road.  Police chased the driver for nearly a half-hour, until the car left the Sam Houston Tollway and started heading North on JFK. Within a matter of seconds, the Nissan ran a red light and collided with the truck.

Everyone, including police, are required to follow traffic laws under most circumstances, and law enforcement agencies have very strict guidelines with regard to  high-speed pursuits on roads and highways. Most police pursuits last an average of just 2.5 minutes, so it is an open question as to whether or not the officers who were chasing the suspect should have continued pursuing the suspect for nearly a half-hour. There may have been other alternatives available to them.

If such a high-speed chase occurs in Texas, and it is determined that the police officer or officers were negligent in causing accident and injury in the pursuit, the state, county or municipality may be liable  for any damages or injuries received. If you or a loved one are injured or killed in an accident that happened as a result of a high-speed chase, please contact the Automotive Accident Injury Lawyer at Hill Law Firm, so that we can investigate and help you to protect your rights.

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