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Parents should do everything in their power to prevent injuries to their children while riding in a car, including driving safely to avoid accidents and by utilizing the best technology and products for their children’s safety. Choosing the correct baby products is one of the most important decisions a parent can make. At a young age, this includes using the correct child safety seat and then booster seat for the child’s size. Even when children become too big for a typical car seat, it’s important for parents to follow CSPC guidelines and manufacturer’s instructions to properly secure their children into booster seats.

Booster seats are utilized mainly because studies have shown that adult seat belts are simply not safe for small children. A child’s positioning can create intense pressure on the spine during a collision, and that can lead to severe spinal injuries if there’s a crash. The right booster seat can save a child’s life. According to Texas law, children under the age of ages 7 and/or less than 57 inches tall are required to be properly restrained in an appropriate booster seat.

Unfortunately, as is the case with car seats, booster seats are sometimes found to be unsafe due a variety of factors. Sometimes booster seats fail due to manufacturing or design defects, including seats that are not crashworthy, those made with flammable materials, which can catch fire in a crash, or those made with small pieces that present choking hazards. A number of booster seats have been found to be very difficult to use, and lacked clear instructions.

In recent years, there have also been complaints that manufacturers have failed to note the importance of keeping a booster seat fastened, even when it is not in use, because the unsecured booster seat can become a projectile during a car accident, causing serious injuries to the driver or passengers.

If your child has sustained injuries or died, and you believe it may be due to a defective booster seat, you should contact the San Antonio Texas Child Product Injury Lawyer at Hill Law Firm today to discuss your legal rights. The attorney at Hill Law Firm has handled a variety of defective baby product cases over the years. If your child has been injured or killed by a defective booster seat, call the Texas Defective Child Product Injury Attorney at Hill Law Firm today.

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