Boerne, TX Car Accident Attorney

If you or somebody you care about sustains an injury or property damage in a vehicle accident caused by another driver, you should be able to recover compensation for your expenses. At Hill Law Firm, we are here to help if you need a Boerne car accident attorney by your side. We will not hesitate to fully investigate every aspect of your claim, and we will handle the aggressive insurance carriers on your behalf. Let us make sure that you are fairly compensated for your losses.

Why Choose Hill Law Firm for Your Boerne Car Accident Case?

  • The attorneys at Hill Law Firm have vast experience handling personal injury claims throughout the state of Texas.
  • We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation through settlements and jury verdicts on behalf of clients.
  • We take Boerne car accident cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that our clients will not have to worry about paying a dime in legal fees until we recover the compensation they need.

How Can a Car Accident Attorney in Boerne, TX Help My Case?

Car accident cases can be challenging, particularly when the insurance carrier or at-fault party disputes liability or refuses to pay a fair amount of compensation. A skilled San Antonio car accident attorney can use their resources to handle every aspect of the claim, including:

  • Investigating the incident to gather evidence proving liability
  • Working with trusted doctors and financial experts to calculate total losses
  • Negotiating with aggressive insurance carriers to obtain a fair settlement
  • Preparing the car accident case for trial if necessary

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Boerne

When we examine information available from the Texas Department of Transportation, we can see that there were more than 414 total accidents in Boerne (not counting the surrounding county) in 2020. These incidents led to significant injuries for many of those involved, and these injuries regularly lead to significant financial setbacks.

When we look at the most common causes of crashes in TX, we see that the careless or negligent actions of other drivers regularly cause vehicle accidents across Boerne. This includes drivers operating while distracted or impaired. Often, these crashes are the result of drivers ignoring basic traffic laws.

In some cases, more than one driver shares fault for these incidents. Texas operates under a “modified comparative negligence” system, which means that individuals can recover compensation for a crash if they are 50% or less responsible for causing the incident. However, the total amount of compensation they receive will be reduced based on their percentage of fault.

Time Limit for Filing a Claim

It is imperative that individuals file these claims as soon as possible. The personal injury statute of limitations in Texas is two years from the date an injury occurs, and filing beyond this timeframe could result in the case being dismissed.

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If you or somebody you love has been injured as a result of the negligence of another driver in the Boerne, Texas, area, reach out to the team at Hill Law Firm as soon as possible. We will handle every aspect of these claims on your behalf, including investigating the incident, determining liability, and dealing with aggressive insurance carriers. When you need a car, truck, or bus accident attorney in Boerne, you can contact us by clicking here for a free consultation or calling us at (210) 960-3939.

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