San Antonio Road Rage Accidents

Road rage is a frightening type of driver behavior that can lead to reckless, dangerous and violent acts. Road rage can play a role in serious and even fatal car accidents in Texas. Knowing what to do if you come into contact with an enraged or aggressive driver – or after a road rage car accident occurs – can help you successfully protect your legal rights. Remember to speak with an experienced accident attorney in San Antonio for legal guidance in order to get the compensation you deserve.

What Is Road Rage? 

Road rage describes a driver who succumbs to a violent fit of anger or frustration behind the wheel, often caused by stressors related to driving. A driver who is experiencing road rage may not be able to control his or her emotions or behaviors. 

Road rage can result in dangerous, intimidating and criminal actions that put others at risk, such as:

  • Tailgating 
  • Driving too closely to a pedestrian or cyclist
  • Excessively honking the horn
  • Weaving in and out of multiple lanes
  • Blocking or cutting off a vehicle
  • Intentionally ramming or bumping into another vehicle
  • Running red lights or stop signs
  • Verbally insulting others or making rude hand gestures
  • Physical threats, altercations or assaults 
  • Assaults with a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument

Road rage incidents can involve uncontrolled anger in a motorist that ultimately leads to car accidents or acts of violence, such as a shooting or stabbing in Texas. In many cases, road rage drivers are repeat offenders who are short-tempered and quick to anger.

How to Stay Safe From Road Rage Incidents in Texas

Road rage incidents can result in serious injuries and deaths. Do your best to stay safe from a frustrated driver by keeping your distance if you notice signs of road rage. If another driver is aggressively tailgating you, for example, switch lanes to allow the driver to pass you. Do not engage with the other driver in any way. 

Ignoring the driver and staying away is the best way to prevent road rage from escalating. Keep in mind that the driver could be carrying a gun or another weapon. Do not attempt to reason with a road rage driver or exit your vehicle. If the frustrated driver follows you, do not drive home. Drive directly to a police station and call 911 to report the driver if he or she does not leave.

When to Contact a Car Accident Attorney in San Antonio 

A driver experiencing road rage is more likely to engage in unsafe and unlawful driving practices that cause accidents, such as speeding and reckless driving. If a road rage driver causes a car crash, those injured are eligible for financial compensation from the driver’s insurance company under Texas’s fault law. 

Proving a road rage car accident claim is easier with help from an attorney. An experienced lawyer in San Antonio will know how to go up against a dangerous, reckless or impulsive driver during an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit on your behalf.

Your lawyer can take over conversations with insurance claims adjusters or bring your case to trial, if necessary, to seek a fair financial settlement for the full extent of your losses. Meanwhile, you can focus on recovering from your injuries and moving forward. 

Road rage is a serious example of driver negligence that deserves justice. Request a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer to discuss your legal options in more detail as a road rage accident victim in San Antonio. 

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