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Texas Crash Devastates Family

Fiery Texas Crash Devastates Family from New Mexico

When a terrible traffic accident happens in Texas, families are often left devastated and heartbroken. After a head-on crash that occurred on a highway near Vega, Texas, a family from Hobbs, New Mexico is feeling exactly that, because the crash killed four members of the Torres family, with only one 14-year-old member of the family surviving.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), the accident occurred at about 11:45 p.m. Saturday night, as the family was heading home from a Thanksgiving weekend with relatives in their 2002 Chevrolet van. The father, 43-year-old Louis Torres Sr., was driving southbound on U.S. Highway 385, about 17 miles north of Vega, just outside Amarillo, when a northbound Ford F-250 pickup truck being driven by 30-year-old Ryan Painter of Corpus Christi suddenly crossed over the center stripe.

Torres attempted to evade the collision, moving the van onto the shoulder and even attempting to hit the brakes, but the pickup hit  moved onto the shoulder and began braking to try and avoid the collision, but the pickup struck the van on the driver’s side corner. The impact was severe enough that both vehicles caught fire.

The accident left Torres and and Painter dead, and also took the lives of Torres’ wife Dalila, and their daughters, 20-year-old Rebecca and 10-year-old Damaris. The only survivor of the crash was 14-year-old Louis Torres, Jr.  According to relatives, the younger Louis Torres, who was listed in critical condition at a Lubbock hospital directly after the crash, suffered a few broken bones, and is now listed in stable condition.

According to reports, Louis Torres, Jr. will likely have a long road to recovery, and he will likely stay with family in Texas. In addition to the physical rehabilitation that may be necessary, there is an emotional toll in an accident of this type.

A tragedy of this magnitude will require a very thorough and detailed investigation of every aspect of the accident. Texas DPS will conduct a thorough investigation to determine everything that may have been a factor in the accident, including whether one or both of the drivers was distracted, or possibly inebriated, or some other factor affecting their ability to drive. But there should also be an investigation of the vehicles, because there is a possibility that the mechanical condition of the pickup may have led to the accident, or that there was a problem with the road. This 14-year-old young man is going to need some help to get his life back on track, and that means finding out what happened and obtaining compensation from insurance companies or other parties that may be at fault.

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