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San Antonio Traffic Deaths Increase

San Antonio Traffic Deaths Increase: Alarming Increase Found

A recent analysis of traffic statistics from the San Antonio Police Department demonstrates a disturbing increase in traffic related deaths over the past few years. That means hundreds of San Antonio families are feeling a greater sense of loss, and SAPD is feeling increasing pressure to reverse that trend.

According to SAPD, traffic deaths have increased about 30 percent between 2011 and last year. There were 118 traffic deaths in the city in 2011, with that number jumping to 137 in 2012, and a whopping 169 traffic deaths in 2013

SAPD notes that there were a number of causes for the fatal accidents, including a significant number caused by people who chose to drive after drinking or while distracted. They promise to continue to educate the people of San Antonio and surrounding areas, and they will be out and about attempting to enforce traffic laws. But they admit that any reduction in these numbers is ultimately up to the individual who gets behind the wheel. People who operate motor vehicles need to care enough to drive responsibly.

San Antonio seems to be following a statewide trend, because traffic fatalities throughout Texas have been trending up for many years, with no plateau or drop in sight. The Texas Department of Transportation recently released a grim statistic, noting that, as of December 30, 2013, at least one person (and often many more than that) had been killed on a Texas road every day for more than 13 years. The last time the state had a day without a traffic fatality was Nov. 7, 2000. Since then, there have been more than 45,000 motor vehicle fatalities on Texas roads. Sometime last year, the 13 year string of daily traffic fatalities actually eclipsed the previous record of 12½ years, which ended in June 1989.

The lives of the families of these 45,000 Texas traffic victims have been turned upside down, as have been the increasing number of families in San Antonio over the past few years. All fatal accidents must be investigated thoroughly, to determine the cause, whether it’s due to the condition of the vehicle or even the condition of the drivers,

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