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San Antonio Pedestrians Killed in Accidents

Accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles often have tragic consequences for the pedestrians.  Depending on the intersection, whom has the right of way and whom has the duty to yield are sometimes confusing for individuals trying to cross a roadway.  Ten days ago, there was a major accident involving pedestrians and vehicles reported in the San Antonio Express News.  After fighting for life, the second pedestrian has passed away.  According to the San Antonio Express News, a pedestrian died after being hit by a pickup on the East Side.  That person has been identified as James Richard Clark, 35.  Mr. Clark was walking with Loma Galloway when they were hit.  Mr. Clark was hit by a pickup, thrown into oncoming traffic, hit by another car and died at the scene.

The information regarding this accident does not allow for an analysis of fault and how this accident could have been avoided.  However, Texas has well-developed laws regarding the responsibilities of pedestrians and vehicles when individuals are crossing or walking on or near the roadways.  The Texas Transportation Code discusses many different scenarios.  In part, the Texas Transportation Code states the following major principles regarding pedestrians.:

  • §552.003: The operator shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing in a crosswalk; and
  • §552.002. The pedestrian has the right of way if a control signal signalling “Walk” is present.

Considering the number of varying laws regarding pedestrians, it is important that those injured or whom have lost loved ones in pedestrian accidents discuss their legal rights with an experienced Texas Pedestrian Injury Lawyer to determine fault and if they have any legal redress.   The Texas Crosswalk Accident Injury Lawyer at Hill Law Firm is here to discuss your legal rights if you have questions about a pedestrian accident.  Consultations with Hill Law Firm is always free.  Call us today if you have questions.

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