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San Antonio Car Wrecks

San Antonio Car Wrecks

San Antonio Car Wrecks: Early July Proven to Be Busy

Early July 2013 has seen a large number of car accidents in San Antonio, Texas.  Many of these accidents involved drinking and some involved fatalities.  San Antonio, Texas, with one of the worst drunk driving problems in the United States experiences a large number of traffic fatalities from drunk driving every month.  In a weird twist, in San Antonio, many of these involving wrong way driving which has been the subject of a lot of research by different organizations in Texas trying to determine what is causing the wrong way driving problem in Texas.

In July, the accidents in San Antonio have been varied.  The following are a few of the types of accidents in San Antonio, Texas in July of 2013:

  • A truck crashed into an ambulance injuring the medic and the patient;
  • A driver was ejected after crashing into a guardrail;
  • A well-known writer was killed in a car accident;
  • A Blanco road accident involving a drunk driver;
  • A motorcyclist died after an accident on Loop 410;
  • A head-on collision on Jones Maltsberger killed a man;
  • An accident at Guilbeau and Bandera involving a motorcyclist and SUV killed a man; and
  • A man had to be cut out of his car after hitting an SUV at an intersection.

Everyone in San Antonio, Texas must do their part to bring down the number of accidents.  Everyone should work to lower the number of drunk driving accidents, drive the speed limit, watch out for pedestrians, and share the road with motorcyclists and bicyclists.  If everyone followed these simple steps, the number of accidents in San Antonio, Texas, and the severity of those accidents could be reduced.  If you have questions regarding San Antonio Car Wrecks or you have been injured in a car accident in San Antonio, Texas, contact the San Antonio, Texas Car Wreck Lawyer at Hill Law Firm today.


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