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San Antonio Defective Bus Attorney

When a motorcoach or bus is involved in an accident, all issues should be investigated to determine the cause of the accident.  The cause of the accident will determine whom is responsible for the injuries sustained by those on the bus.  Sometimes the cause of a bus accident can include defective component parts.  Just as automobiles should be designed and manufactured to protect people in foreseeable accidents, buses should also be manufactured to protect passengers in foreseeable accidents.

However, defective commercial buses have caused many accident and injuries to patrons over the years. Defects found in buses over the years have included lack of seat belts, tire failures, unguarded gas tanks, and others.  These defects have been responsible for numerous deaths and injuries to bus passengers.  The attorney at Hill Law Firm  with office in San Antonio have experience in investigating and prosecuting product defect cases against major bus manufacturers.  If you have been injured or lost a loved one as a result of a motorcoach or bus accident, contact the Bus Accident Lawyer at Hill Law Firm today.