Baby Formula Injuries

Texas Baby Formula Injuries Attorney

As parents, we just want our children to be safe from harm. Just as we expect the food we buy for ourselves to be safe and nutritious, we expect that the food we feed to our newborn babies will make our babies grow healthy and strong. Yet, we seem to be inundated with stories about baby formula recalls due to contamination with bacteria such as cronobacter.

The cronobacter infection is known by many, including manufacturers, to be quite common in non-sterile milk products, yet there have been numerous recalls of baby formula in recent years due to such contamination. Recently, the families of three babies filed suit after the infants were sickened with cronobacter after consuming several different types of baby formula. Tests of the facilities that produced the formula revealed the presence of the harmful bacteria in some of its ingredients, as well as its finished products.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says it receives roughly four to six reports of cronobacter infection every year. It’s unknown how many cases go unreported. Cronobacter contamination can include meningitis, salmonella or sepsis, all of which can lead to brain damage or death for an infant. Those infants most at risk for serious illness include newborns who are less than a month old, premature infants and infants with low birth weight, and babies with compromised immune systems. Infants who become infected with cronobacter may show symptoms such as poor feeding response, irritability, labored breathing, jaundice or wide swings in body temperature.

In addition to bacterial infection, there was also a troubling recall in 2008 of infant formula imported from China, that contained melamine, a toxic chemical that is usually used to produce plastics and cleaning products, among other things. Such a chemical could pose a major threat to infants’ health if consumed. In response to these reports, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Health Information Advisory warning parents and caregivers to stay away from any infant formula imported from China at the time.

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