Podcast: The Alamo Hour

A one stop podcast for those that want to know what is going on in food, politics, art, and events in San Antonio, Texas.

Justin Hill gets to sit down and talk with some of San Antonio’s most fascinating and informed voices on a wide array of topics. The Alamo Hour is the destination podcast for those that want to take a in-depth look at different people, places, events and happenings in San Antonio, Texas. Hosted by local injury attorney, Justin Hill, this podcast is going to dive deep into the city we love so much.

The Almo HourPodcast: Hill Law Firm Cases

A San Antonio Podcast Discussing the Frivolous Defense that Require People to File Lawsuits

After the insurance industry has spent millions of dollars over decades to convince the public that insurance companies and big corporations are victims of our justice system, many in the public believe it. This podcast will cover actual San Antonio cases handled by Hill Law Firm that required litigation to resolve due to insurance companies and defense attorneys concocting wild and preposterous defenses. We will discuss the people, the facts, and the background of actual cases that ended in a lawsuit in the Bexar County courthouse. It will discuss cases handled by Hill Law Firm, a San Antonio personal injury law firm.

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