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The Alamo Hour

Art Pruneda, Staying Fit, Healthy and Sane during COVID-19

Art Pruneda and his wife were some of the earliest disciples of Crossfit in San Antonio. They have owned and operated Crossfit Unchained in the Eastside of San Antonio for over seven years. He joined us to talk about how to stay health when the gyms are closed, how to find information for at home…

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Dr. Rohr-Allegrini, Epidemiologist & Scientist talks COVID-19

San Antonio’s own Dr. Rohr-Allegrini whom headed up San Antonio’s flu pandemic response for the H1N1 pandemic joins The Alamo Hour to discuss what is going on locally and globally. She gives us her insight into the virus, San Antonio’s response and the unknowns, currently. Transcript: Justin Hill: Hello and bienvenido San Antonio. Welcome to the Alamo Hour,…

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Jody Newman, Chief Friend and Mentor

One of the most successful and influential business leaders, restauranteurs, entrepreneurs and female mentors in San Antonio discusses a myriad of topics. From Fiesta to the very tough economics of COVID-19, we get into it. Transcript: Justin: Hello and Bienvenidos San Antonio. Welcome to the Alamo Hour, discussing the people, places, and passion that make our city. My…

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