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Bus Accident Kills 8

Bus Accident Kills 8: Tire Failure Blamed

The lawyer at Hill Law Firm has handled tire failure cases against some of the largest tire manufactures in the world.  When a defective tire delaminates while in use, it can lead to a loss of control.  These unexpected delaminations catch drivers by surprise and often change the handling dynamics of a vehicle.  When a vehicle suffering a tire failure happens to be a three-axle motorcoach carrying close to fifty passengers, tragic results can follow.

Recently, a church group was traveling across Tennessee heading back to North Carolina when their motorcoach suffered some form of tire failure.  When the tire failed, the bus veered across a median into oncoming traffic and collided with an SUV and an 18-wheeler.  8 people were killed in this horrific accident.

There are many questions that must be answered to determine what caused this terrible accident.  Did the tire fail due to a manufacturing defect?  Did the bus hit road debris and experience a blowout?  Was there anything the driver could have done to control the bus?  Were the correct size and load rated tires on the bus?  Were the tires on the front axle re-treads and therefore in violation of the law?  All of these questions must be answered to determine why this bus went out of control and so many people perished.

The Texas Bus Accident Lawyer at Hill Law Firm has handed bus accident lawsuits against the largest motorcoach companies in the United States and numerous private charter and regional motorcoach busing companies.  If you have been injured, or lost a loved one in a bus accident, call Hill Law Firm today for a free legal consultation.

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