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Bicycle Helmets Recalled

46,000 UVEX Bicycle Helmets Recalled for Lack of Safety

All bicyclists, whether they’re occasional riders or cycling enthusiasts, are encouraged to wear a bicycle helmet every time they ride. The reason is simple; when the bike or we fall over on pavement or rocky terrain, the danger to our most important organ, the brain, can be considerable, and include severe brain damage or even death. The helmet takes the impact instead of the skull, and the skull and the brain are spared.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers of bicycle helmets don’t always test their product thoroughly, and people end up injured or dead as a result.

German manufacturer UVEX Sports Inc. has announced a voluntary recall of more than 46,000 bicycle helmets, because the chinstrap’s anchor, where the strap attaches to the helmet, can fail. This failure can cause the helmet to slide off the head, thus posing a hazard of head injury. Because of this, and possibly other reasons, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), these helmets do not comply with that agency’s impact requirements.

The recall involves seven models of UVEX helmets, including the XB017, XB022, XB025, XB027, XB032, XB036 and XB038. The helmets come in a number of colors, and the model number on each is located under the fitting pad on the top right side. The helmets subject to recall were sold for $100-$260 in bicycle shops and sporting goods stores nationwide between Sept. 2009 and June 2014.

Consumers who have one or more of these helmets are being asked to stop using them immediately, and contact UVEX to request a free replacement helmet that meets CPSC standards or a refund of the purchase price. UVEX can be reached toll-free at (844) 767-0656 from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or 24/7 at their website. At the website, click on “Recall” for more information.

If you have one of these bicycle helmets, follow the recall and get rid of it, because your life may be at stake. If you or a loved one has injured or killed because of a defective product designed to protect your safety, please contact the Texas Defective Product Injury Lawyer at Hill Law Firm immediately, so that we can help you protect your rights.

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