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Work zones can be dangerous when they are positioned close to public roads and highways in Texas. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, more than 25,000 traffic accidents occurred in work zones in 2022, resulting in 788 serious injuries and 205 deaths. The majority of those killed in work zone crashes were motor vehicle drivers or their passengers.

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  • Our law firm accepts all work zone accident cases on a contingency fee basis. We will only charge attorney’s fees if we collect financial compensation on your behalf.

How Can a Work Zone Accident Attorney Help?

When you file an insurance claim for a work zone automobile accident in San Antonio, you may find it difficult to collect the compensation that you deserve. Car insurance companies are for-profit businesses that may resort to underhanded tactics to minimize your financial recovery. A San Antonio car accident attorney can protect you from these insurance strategies after a work zone accident.

Your work zone attorney in San Antonio can take over communications with a car insurance company to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. A law firm can investigate the work zone accident, determine fault, collect evidence and hire experts to strengthen your claim. You can rest and focus on healing from an injury while your San Antonio work zone lawyer handles the legal legwork of your case for you.

Texas Is a Fault State

A work zone car accident case in San Antonio abides by Texas’s fault-based insurance law when determining who is liable, or financially responsible, for damages. Under this rule, the person or party that is at fault for the crash is liable. An injured accident victim must determine the cause of the crash and prove that someone else is at fault to recover financial compensation.

Work Zone Accident Liability in San Antonio

Work zone accidents can be caused by negligent construction companies in San Antonio. Negligence refers to the failure of the company to exercise ordinary care. If the construction company or entity in charge of supervising the work zone positions workers too close to the road and fails to post adequate warning signs for drivers, for example, it could be held liable for a vehicle driver or passenger’s injuries.

In other cases, careless, negligent or reckless drivers are held liable for work zone accidents. Dangerous driver behaviors such as speeding, distracted driving, texting and driving, drowsy driving, and driving under the influence increase the odds of a roadside worker being struck by a motor vehicle. If a driver’s fault is proven as more likely to have caused the work zone accident than not, the driver’s car insurance company will be held liable.

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