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A mass tort refers to a civil action involving numerous plaintiffs against one or more corporate defendants in state or federal court generally alleging the same defect or claim.  Mass Torts are often consolidated into an “MDL” (multi-district litigation), in federal court, or a consolidated action, in state court, to streamline the discovery process. When a large number of cases alleging the same product is defective, consolidating of the cases can aid in the prosecution of the case.

Most mass tort actions involve pharmaceutical drugs.  However, sometimes they center around failed medical devices, defective consumer products, or defective agricultural products.  Regardless of the specific product, in large mass actions, plaintiffs still must prove certain things.  In large mass product liability actions, a Plaintiff must prove that a product was unreasonably dangerous and defective by design, manufacturing or marketing.  Further, a Plaintiff must prove that this defect was a proximate cause of the injury or loss suffered by the Plaintiff.

The attorney at Hill Law Firm is experienced in handling mass torts involving defective pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, and consumer products. If you have questions regarding any of the following, contact the Texas Mass Tort Lawyer at Hill Law Firm today:

  • Pharmaceutical drugs;
  • Medical devices;
  • Agricultural products (herbicides, pesticides, GMOs);
  • Consumer products; and
  • Chemical/Environmental exposure.

The San Antonio Mass Tort Lawyer at Hill Law Firm has experience in handling Mass Torts.  In certain situations, Hill Law Firm will co-counsel Mass Tort and Class Action cases with other law firms when they determine it is in the best interest of the clients to bring in another mass tort or class action law firm.  If you have questions regarding an injury you sustained by a pharmaceutical drug, medical device, agricultural product, consumer product, or chemical exposure, contact the Texas Mass Tort Lawyer at Hill Law Firm.  It is possible that there are hundreds or thousands suffering the same loss as you.  Do not delay, call Hill Law Firm today.

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If you have been injured by a defective pharmaceutical drug or medical device, or have suffered economic damages due to a defective product, contact Hill Law Firm today. The Texas Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Device Mass Tort Lawyer at Hill Law Firm is here to answer any questions that you may have regarding your rights under the law.

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