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Everyone who has ever been a new parent is concerned with keeping their baby as safe as possible. We move chemical cleaners to a higher shelf, put covers over electric outlets on the wall, and childproof our homes to the best of our ability–all to protect our smallest loved ones from becoming injured or sick. Yet, too often, parents are unaware that the most dangerous place for their baby is where it sleeps.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), tens of thousands of infants are seriously injured in crib-related accidents every year, with many of them dying as a result. Just within the past several years, the CPSC has ordered recalls of millions of baby cribs, including cribs with detachable drop sides that can possibly trap and suffocate a child. New federal crib safety standards were adopted in June 2011, including a ban on the manufacture and sale of drop-side cribs, as well as stronger standards for mattress supports and crib hardware, as well as more rigorous safety testing methodologies and procedures.

At least a dozen states have passed laws requiring all cribs to undergo inspections based on CPSC standards, and in 2008 Congress introduced the federal Infant Crib Safety Act, which bans the manufacture and sale of cribs that don’t meet the most current standards. The law also outlaws the use of used cribs in “places of public accommodation,” such as childcare centers, hospitals and hotels.

The CPSC recommends that parents who currently own drop-side cribs take a look at their list of recalled cribs to find out if their crib is on the banned list. If a parent finds their crib on the list, they should either replace the crib, or get an immobilizer, which is a device used to secure the drop sides to the crib.

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