Crib Bumpers | Are they safe for babies?

Crib Bumpers:  Texas Baby Product Defect Attorney Discusses Crib Bumper Dangers

There is nothing more precious to Texas parents than welcoming a newborn baby into the world, and keeping it as safe as possible. Parents vaccinate their children and take them to the pediatrician on a regular basis to keep them well and happy.  Parents baby proof the entire house, put their children into approved car seats and consider safety in all purchases. The one place many parents figure their child is safest is in the crib where they sleep.

One thing some parents do in an attempt to make their baby safe is to place a crib bumper around the inside of the crib with the belief that it may prevent injury if their baby rolls into the wooden sides. Unfortunately, several studies and investigative reports in recent years have demonstrated that the crib bumpers themselves are unsafe.

What Harm Can an Unsafe Crib Bumper Cause?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2009 alone, 665 babies died from “accidental suffocation of strangulation while in bed,” and a significant number of those came from the use of crib bumpers. Due to a baby’s lack of strength and motor development, it is possible for infants to roll into a crib bumper to choke, or become suffocated or even strangled.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a warning to parents about crib bumpers, saying that crib bumpers can be dangerous and should never be used. A warning from the Attorney General of Illinois echoed that of the pediatricians. Such organizations such as Kids in Danger, the American SIDS Institute and the Canadian Health Department have all issued warnings to parents to not use crib bumpers. At first, the Consumer Product Safety Commission ignored the evidence and failed to issue guidelines, but they have recently begun their own investigation into the problem with crib bumpers as a part of a broader crackdown on a number of baby sleep products.

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