Peanut Butter Poisoning Lawyer

Peanut butter is one of the most popular foods anywhere. A jar of peanut butter can be found in nearly every home, and the peanut butter sandwich is a favorite of children and parents everywhere, because it is both tasty and nutritious. But sometimes, foods that are supposed to make us healthy can make us sick instead. Occasionally, that nutritious peanut butter sandwich is contaminated with salmonella bacteria, because someone did something wrong while making it.

What Kind of Recalls Can Occur?

One of the largest recalls in U.S. history occurred last year, and it involved peanut butter laced with salmonella bacteria. The recall started with one brand of peanut butter, but eventually grew to include 240 different brands in 20 states, all traced to one peanut butter plant in New Mexico. The situation was considered so serious that it led the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to shut down the factory producing the peanut butter.  Before the recall and subsequent shutdown, however, dozens of people became ill as a result of consuming contaminated peanut butter.

What Are the Effects of Salmonella Bacteria?

Salmonella bacteria can cause abdominal cramps, fever and diarrhea between 12 and 72 hours after infection. While it can affect anyone, the illness is especially dangerous to small children, the elderly and people with compromised or weak immune systems. For most, salmonella contamination usually leads to a few days to a week of discomfort, and most people recover without much of a problem. But in some cases, there are serious complications, including dehydration and infection that can require antibiotics.  Every year, 15,000 people become sick enough from exposure to salmonella bacteria to need hospitalization, and 500 will sick enough to die from exposure.

What Should You Do if You Experience Food Poisoning?

If you suspect that you or someone you know may have become sick due to exposure to salmonella tainted peanut butter, especially one of the brands that was recalled, you need a lawyer with experience dealing with food poisoning cases. If a subsequent investigation confirms your suspicions, the victims may be entitled to adequate compensation for all injuries and harm caused by consuming contaminated peanut butter.

The San Antonio Food Poisoning Injury Lawyer at Hill Law Firm in San Antonio, Texas work hard to protect clients from harmful food products. If you or someone you know may have consumed salmonella-contaminated peanut butter, you may have a legal claim. Contact the trial attorney at Hill Law Firm to find out your legal options for dealing with this.

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