Pig Bel Disease or Clostridial Necrotizing Enteritis: A Very Dangerous Food Poisoning Complication

Pig Bel, or necrotic entiritis, is a relatively rare but often fatal disease that sometimes follows as a complication of infection by the “Type C” strain of clostridium perfringens, which is sometimes mistakenly referred to as the “24 hour bug.” These bacteria sometimes form on foods that are undercooked, but more often they are found on cooked food that is left out for a long time. While cooking can kill the clostridium perfringens cells, it doesn’t kill the spores that grow into cells. Therefore, when cooked foods such as stews, casseroles, and gravy are allowed to sit out at temperatures between 40-140˚F, the spores can grow and produce new cells. Outbreaks of clostridium perfringens infections are usually linked to institutions such as hospitals, school cafeterias and nursing homes, or catered events with catered food. And in some rare occasions, exposure to clostridium perfringens can lead to necrotic entiritis, or Pig Bel disease.

The Pig Bel disease is quite common among the people (especially the children) of Papua New Guinea, who contract it from the consumption of improperly cleaned and cooked meat from a pig. Although relatively rare in the United States, the cases that have shown up have rarely been associated with pork consumption.

If infection by the “Type C” strain of clostridium perfringens leads to Pig Bel disease, hospitalization is almost always necessary due to the dehydration that resulting from the symptoms. Possible treatment may include rehydration via intravenous means. Because it involves infection and necrosis of the intestines, in which living bodily tissue quite literally dies, Pig Bel disease is quite often fatal.

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