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San Antonio Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Accidents involving vehicles and bicycles often have very tragic consequences.  Unfortunately, they are way too common. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2011, there were more than 2,000 crashes on the Texas roadways involving bicyclists.  About 50 people were killed in bicycle crashes in 2011.  Nationally, thousands are killed or injured each year in bicycle accidents.

Texas has well developed laws regarding bicycling safety and the deference provided to cyclists on the roadways.  Regardless of the laws and attempt by many local governments to encourage biking and biking safety, cyclists still face a serious danger when riding on the roads.  When vehicles and bicycles have collisions, as expected, the cyclists are the ones that typically suffer serious injuries or death.

The Texas Bicycle Accidents Lawyers at Hill Law Firm in Houston and San Antonio are experienced in helping those injured or killed in biking accidents.  Biking accidents are often caused by other drivers failing to pay attention and properly share the road with those cycling.  When biking accidents happen, the victims and their families are often in need of proven experienced lawyers to stand up for their rights against insurance companies, other drivers, and those standing in the way of justice.

They Texas Bike Wreck Injury Lawyers at Hill Law Firm not only have experience handling accidents involving bicyclists and vehicles, they also have spent years riding bicycles themselves.  The attorneys at Hill Law Firm have, at points in their lives, competed in bicycle races.  Further, they have spent a considerable amount of time riding for recreation and have seen the dangers associated with sharing the road for themselves. If you’ve been injured, or have lost a loved one in a biking accident, please contact the San Antonio and Houston Bike Wreck Attorneys at Hill Law Firm today.