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Southwest Airlines Accidents

When people think of Texas and air travel, most people think about Southwest Airlines.  Texans have become increasingly dependent on commercial air travel, whether it’s for work, family or other personal reasons. Millions of people fly thousands of miles every single day. Nearly one-third of the approximately 87,000 flights in domestic skies at any one time belong to one of the major commercial carriers.  That percentage is likely higher down in Texas where Southwest offers service to almost every major city in Texas.

Accidents involving all commercial airlines are a very rare occurrence, in part because of measures taken to keep the skies safe. But when planes to crash, the resulting scope of the tragedy can be felt by a large number of victims and their families.

One of the largest air carriers in the country is Southwest Airlines, headquartered in Dallas. Southwest only flies Boeing 737s, but it owns and maintains a fleet of 550 planes. Southwest Airlines operates more than 3,400 flights per day, with scheduled service to 79 destinations in 39 states. To date, it has a nearly spotless record as a commercial air carrier, with only one accident on its record that resulted in a fatality.

That accident occurred in Chicago in December 2005, when the flight crew overshot the runway due to mechanical failure, and struck at least two vehicles on the street, killing a six year old boy who was a passenger in one of the vehicles. There was also an incident in Burbank, CA on March 5, 2000, where a crew overshot the runway due to excessive speed and an air traffic control error. That resulted in two crew members being seriously injured.

There have also been several incidents, in 2009 and 2011, requiring Southwest pilots to undertake an emergency landing due to rapid decompression of the cabin, based on design flaws and maintenance problems with the aircraft.

Though Southwest has yet to suffer a major crash, and its record is very clean, an accident can happen to any carrier at any time–even accidents that do not include plane crashes. If that happens, you should know the importance of hiring a skilled aviation accident attorney because commercial aviation cases are among the most resource intensive and time-consuming cases to deal with. To be successful, and get the compensation they’re entitled to, victims and their families need a legal team with the knowledge, experience and resources to thoroughly investigate all potential causes of the accident on their behalf, as well as to help everyone understand their legal options.

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