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Medical Helicopter Accidents

Medical Helicopter crashes are so common that being a crew member on a medical helicopter has been cited as America’s second most dangerous job.  Medical helicopters are supposed to save lives. Therefore, it’s quite tragic when a medical helicopter that is transporting a person needing immediate medical care ends up causing further injury or the death of either the patient or a member of the flight crew.

There are far more medical helicopter crashes than most people realize. In fact, crashes have become so common that working on a medical helicopter is the second-most dangerous job in the United States, right behind commercial fishing. According to the statistics from the NTSB, in 2009, the helicopter accident rate was 7.5 per 100,000 hours of flying, while the airplane accident rate was approximately 0.175 per 100,000 flying hours.

Some reasons medical helicopters crash so often include that these helicopters in general operate closer to the ground, are exposed to hazards beyond other flight vehicles, such as bad weather, rough terrain, power lines, accept missions quickly and without much planning, and the pilot fatigue that comes from working long hours in stressful conditions.

Other factors may also be at play, however. Helicopters are complex, sophisticated machines, and the companies and organizations that fly medical helicopters are required to maintain the standards as set out in the Federal Aviation Regulations for both pilot qualifications and helicopter maintenance . Unfortunately, sometimes these standards are not always met by those who operate these machines.

Regardless of the cause of the accident, helicopters don’t crash unless something goes terribly wrong, and that usually means someone either did something they shouldn’t or failed to do something they should have. In many cases, the victims of such an accident may be entitled to compensation. But determining what caused a medical helicopter to crash can be a very difficult, painstaking process.

That is why if you or a loved one have been involved in a medical helicopter crash in Texas, you should hire experienced San Antonio, Texas Aviation Crash Lawyers to stand up for your rights. After such an accident, immediately contact Hill Law Firm for advice. It is extremely important to do this quickly to ensure that a thorough investigation is conducted, evidence is preserved, statements are taken, and the rights of all claimants are protected.