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Charter Plane Crashes

These days, many of the aircraft roaming the skies are run by charter airlines. Charter aircraft may not be owned by those operating it on that particular day. The owners of some planes will often charter them, in order to make the payments or generate income. Other charter planes are operated by the owner and fly to destinations, based on a customer’s request. Charter companies vary in size, from single aircraft charter companies, to larger companies with large fleets of planes. Some air charter companies may even be set up to provide fractional ownership to the shareholders, giving each a certain amount of flying time.

While most flights take off and land without a problem, sometimes they crash, creating devastating consequences. According to National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) statistics for the past 20 years, flights involving privately-owned aircraft, including charter aircraft, experience a rate of fatal accidents that far higher than that of the commercial air carriers, with 1.45 out of every 100,000 flight hours, compared with .017 per 100,000 flight hours for the airlines.

One thing all air charter companies have in common with their commercial counterparts is that all are required to follow Federal Aviation Administration standards, as set out in Federal Aviation Regulations Part 135. These regulations require that companies and organizations that fly private charters maintain a high standard for both pilot qualifications and airplane maintenance. Unfortunately, sometimes these standards are not met by the charter companies.

Because of the variety of aircraft used by charter companies, as well as the variety of charter arrangements and the complexity of the relationship between the customer and the owners of the aircraft, every accident investigation will be unique. The potential causes of these crashes have to be examined to determine what role they played in the accident.  The most common causes of plane crashes include pilot error, aircraft maintenance, record keeping, design defects, manufacturing defects, air traffic control errors, and factors such as weather.

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