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Air France Crashes

For many Texans, our lives have become dependent on air travel, whether it’s for work, family or other personal reasons. According to National Air Traffic Controllers Association statistics, nearly one-third of the 87,000 or so flights in the skies over the U.S. at any one time belong to one of the major commercial air carriers. And while accidents involving commercial airlines are exceedingly rare, the accidents that do occur can result in a tragedy that is devastating to the passengers and crew who become victims, as well as their families.

Often, the accidents result in serious injury or death, and in many cases, such accidents were avoidable, and occurred due to negligent circumstances, such as pilot error, design and structural defects, maintenance deficiencies, air traffic controller errors, weather and a number of other possible factors can often be the culprit.

One major airline is Air France, which provides services to 156 destinations in 91 countries, including the United States. Air France has been involved in a number of deadly accidents over the years, but one of the most tragic in their history involved Americans. It occurred on July 25, 2000, when an Air France Concorde supersonic transport jet, Flight 4590 scheduled to fly from Paris to New York crashed just after takeoff. All 109 people aboard died, along with four people on the ground. According to accident investigators, the crash was caused when the plane’s wheels ran over a part lost by a plane that had just taken off, which caused one of the wheels to be destroyed, with a piece piercing of one of the fuel tanks, and igniting the leaking jet fuel.

Given the above description, determining the cause or causes of a commercial airline crash requires a meticulous attention to detail. While the potential causes will vary, the factors usually fall under one or more of the following; whether or not all pilots was properly certified and was operating the aircraft properly; aircraft maintenance; record keeping; design flaws; mechanical defects; air traffic control errors; and factors such as weather and terrain. In this case, a number of factors apparently led to the accident.

Finding that exact cause is what makes commercial aviation cases among the most resource intensive and time-consuming cases to litigate. To be successful, and get the compensation they’re entitled to, victims and their families need a legal team with the knowledge, experience and resources to thoroughly investigate all potential causes of the accident on their behalf, as well as to help everyone understand their legal options.

The San Antonio injury attorney at Hill Law Firm is here to help those who have been injured or lost loved ones in commercial airline accidents. They have seen a wide variety of aviation accidents leading to serious injuries and deaths. If you have question or just want to discuss your legal rights, please call the San Antonio offices Hill Law Firm today to ensure that your rights are protected.