How Do I Find the Best San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer

A lot of clients ask questions about who is the best San Antonio personal injury or car wreck lawyer in San Antonio. The best lawyer for your case is the one that does the best job on your case. I tell potential clients to pick someone they are comfortable with and they believe will do a good job for them.


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Are you the best car crash lawyer in San Antonio? Those are the types of questions we sometimes get when we’re meeting with a potential new client for the first time. What’s happened in San Antonio is, all you see on TV and billboards and buses anymore seems to be lawyer advertisements, how great lawyers are, how wonderful their firms are, and how they have these gigantic numbers that 99 out of 100 times have no bearing on most cases because every case is unique. That’s created this world where everybody wants to know, will their case be as good as the one they saw on the bus or the TV or the billboard.

I always tell my clients, “I’m not here to tell you I’m the best, and there’s really no way to determine what the best is.” If you’ve been in a car crash in San Antonio, you want a lawyer who’s going to be the best for your case, and your case requires more than just somebody screaming at you on television or pointing at you in a billboard. You want somebody who’s going to give you personalized service. You want to know that your lawyer is your lawyer, and you’re not going to be shuffled around 20 lawyers, and three different departments, and never know who’s calling you next. You want a lawyer who knows how to prepare your case for trial because a lawyer that prepares her case for trial is going to get offered more money, and if it goes to trial, they’re going to be able to properly try your case to get you the maximum recovery.

The most important thing is, you want to hire a lawyer you feel comfortable with, that you feel that they’re going to take care of you, they’re going to do the right thing for you, that you can communicate with. There is no best when it comes to any individual case. What there is is a whole lot of misinformation and a whole lot of overloading of information out there.

How do you find the best? You meet with them, you read their reviews. If you can talk to former clients, try that. Ask them what their experience is in San Antonio, or whatever venue your crash occurred in. Find out, can they try your case? Do they try cases? At the end of the day, you need to make a judgment call on who you think is going to be best for you in a case. There is no great lawyer answer to who is the best. There is going to be somebody that is the best for your case and the best for you. Do your homework and find that best car crash lawyer for your case and for you personally.

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