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Tire Aging and Accidents

The Hill Law Firm Blog has written about tire dangers and defects before.  One danger that many people know nothing about is tire aging.  According to, “The structural integrity of a tire can degrade over an extended period of time. When that occurs, tires are more prone to catastrophic failure, which could, at best, cause an inconvenience, or, at worst, lead to a crash. The degradation of a tire occurs over time, mostly the result of a chemical reaction within the rubber components. That aging process can be accelerated by heat and sunlight.”

This is an issue the Tire Aging Attorney at Hill Law Firm has encountered many times handling cases involving accidents caused by tire failures.  Tire aging cases have many facets.  When investigating a potential tire failure due to aged tires, it is important to investigate the many causes for the aged tire being on the road and failing.  The following are some of the many issues that should be fully investigated when reviewing a potential tire defect case:

  • What company designed and manufactured the tire
  • What entity installed the tire
  • How old was the tire when it was installed
  • Did anyone maintain/rotate/inspect the failed tire before the accident
  • What was the condition of the tire at the time of inspection
  • Why did the tire fail
  • Had the failed tire been in service or was it a spare before being placed on the vehicle
  • How old was the tire when it failed (See the DOT Marking photo above to see how to determine the age of your tires)
  • What was the condition of the tire when it failed

Fully investigating a tire failure requires a multifaceted investigation.  It is imperative to determine why the tire failed, how it failed, and what entities, if any, were involved that could have prevented the tire from failing or being on the road at the time of the failure.  The age of the tire has become one of these important issues that must be examined.  Unfortunately, it is a danger that very few people understand. has provided  information regarding tire aging.  In a nutshell, points out:

  • Tires age faster in warmer climates which can hasten failures like tread separations;
  • Tire aging issues are not necessarily affected by the type of vehicle but more so the conditions they are stored or used;
  • It is almost impossible to detect that tire aging has made your tires unsafe, therefore, it is important to replace tires before they get too old;
  • Tire age can be determined by looking at the DOT label; and
  • Aging is just one of the causes of tire failures, but all tire failures are very serious safety problem that can lead to injuries and deaths.

Tire aging is a real problem that causes car accidents leading to serious injuries and wrongful deaths.  If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident involving a tire failure, contact our San Antonio car accident lawyer at Hill Law Firm today.

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