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Texas Road Construction Worker Fatality

Hit-and-Run Driver Causes Texas Road Construction Worker Fatality

A contract worker with the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) was killed last week, when a hit-and-run driver slammed into the construction convoy in which he was riding near Grand Prairie.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, a construction detail had been working at a very slow speed on the right shoulder at the end of the on-ramp moving traffic from Lower Tarrant Road onto the President George Bush Turnpike, when a black Chevy Impala zoomed past the truck and struck the trailer that was carrying the construction worker, as he was placing reflective pavement markers onto the pavement.

At the time, the truck’s warning lights were on and blinking, and flashing arrows instructed drivers to move into the lane to the left of the truck. However the Impala’s driver failed to heed the warnings, and decided to pass the truck on the right. After hitting the trailer, the Impala careened back to the left, crossing all three lanes of the turnpike, at which point he hit another road maintenance truck that had been parked on the left shoulder next the concrete barrier.

The impact killed the worker, later identified as 41-year-old Camerino Sixtos, immediately, and he was pronounced dead on the scene. A second worker  received non-life-threatening injuries, and was taken to Arlington Memorial Hospital.

The driver and one passenger who were inside the Impala fled the accident scene in another vehicle before first responders arrived. According to DPS, just hours after the crash, 24-year-old Francisco Castillo was arrested and charged with two felony counts of failing to stop and render aid.

Of course, this irresponsible driver bears the bulk of the responsibility for this accident. But there needs to be a thorough investigation of the circumstances  surrounding  this accident,  so that all the details  can be determined. Construction workers, like every other worker in the state of Texas and elsewhere, have the right to work in a safe and secure environment. All employers, including the state of Texas, have an absolute responsibility to keep their workers safe and secure on the job. Texas and federal officials must do more to keep workers safe. Even in a situation like this, Texas, as an employer, may have to take steps to further protect road construction workers from injury and death.

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