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Tanker Explosion in Von Ormy, Texas

Tanker Explosion in Von Ormy, Texas:  Two Injured in Industrial Accident

The experienced Texas Oilfield Explosion Injury Lawyer at Hill Law Firm has represented many people injured in industrial explosions.  Sometimes work situations create environments that lead to bizarre accidents.  As the oil boom continues to bring great riches to South Texas, the boom has unfortunately increased the number of injuries and deaths to workers in the oilfield and related industries due to accidents and explosions that are often caused by a need for speed, a focus on profit, and inattention and negligence by big companies.  The combination of long hours, large machinery, high pressures, and volatile and explosive compounds along with a lack of focus on safety has created some major disasters.

As an example, early this morning two workers received minor injuries while they were making welding repairs on a tanker truck that was apparently filled with crude oil, causing the tanker to explode. The accident occurred at a tanker repair shop located in Von Ormy. The workers were attempting to install a sensor in the tanker, but the tanker was reportedly leaking fuel at the time. The resulting explosion tore a huge gash on the side of the tanker.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured or killed in this particular explosion. But there should be a full investigation of this incident, and answers should be found. The next time such a thing happens, the workers might not be so lucky. Among the immediate questions authorities might have as they investigate this accident might have to do with why were these workers using a welding torch around a full tanker truck? And why was there no inspection of the truck before they started working that might have identified the fuel leak before the explosion?

Obviously, oil and gasoline are flammable liquids, and all employers should be sure all workers take extra care around such materials, especially where a welding torch is involved. An employer has a duty to protect oil industry workers, as well as those in the surrounding community. While it’s too early to know exactly what happened, it’s possible the shop was trying to rush these repairs and put the safety of its workers on the back burner. While they were lucky this time, companies cannot rely on luck to protect their workers’ safety

If you or a loved one has been killed or injured due to an explosion or other oilfield industry related accident, call the Texas Oilfield Explosion Injury Lawyer at Hill Law Firm today. If you have any questions regarding this incident, call today and speak to experienced Texas Oilfield Explosion Injury Lawyer.

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