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Medical Helicopter Crash in Oklahoma Kills 2

Medical Helicopter Crash in Oklahoma Kills 2: Another Medical Helicopter Crash and Explosion Kills Two in Northern Oklahoma

Medical helicopters have a long history of poor safety records, bad maintenance, and accidents leading to deaths and injuries.  For reasons including lack of regulation, many competitors, and a high profit margin, many companies compete in the medical helicopter transportation market.  This level of competition has not translated to an increase in safety.  A recent Medical Helicopter crash in Oklahoma has led to the death of two individuals.  Shortly after takeoff, an Eagle Med Helicopter crashed killing two of the crew and sending another to the hospital.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time an EagleMed helicopter has crashed in Oklahoma. Another of the company’s copters, a Eurocopter AS 350 similar to the one involved in the latest crash, left Integris Baptist Medical Center on July 22, 2010 and was on the way to pick up a patient in Okeene when it crashed and burned near Kingfisher. According to a report  produced by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), that crash killed the pilot and a flight nurse, while a second nurse was seriously injured, and transported to Oklahoma University Medical Center in critical condition.

According to a recent article by the Washington Post, working as a crew member on a medical helicopter is the second most dangerous job in America behind commercial fisherman.  This is clearly an issue that must be addressed to increase the safety of medical helicopter transport.  Without government intervention, this is likely a problem that will not be resolved.  If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a medical helicopter crash, contact the proven Medical Helicopter Accident Injury Lawyer at Hill Law Firm today.


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