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Listeria in Herring and Salmon Prompts Recall

Texas Listeria Injury Lawyer Note That Listeria in Herring and Salmon Prompts Recall

In the wake of a routine inspection and sampling by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, and a second analysis on the part of a food laboratory, seafood packer Prime Food USA has recalled several of its products because of the possibility that they may have become contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria, which can lead to several serious illnesses, including listeriosis.

Listeriosis doesn’t occur often, but it can be a very serious infection to a number of people, including children, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems. But pregnant women are at greatest risk, because Listeriosis can be transmitted to the fetus, and lead to a serious infection right after birth. In some cases, it can lead to stillbirth. Among the symptoms for a newborn suffering from Listeria infection could be fever, irritability, an unwillingness to eat, or even vomiting.

Symptoms for older children and adults can include muscle aches, fever, nausea, cramps and diarrhea. For many, symptoms will disappear within a few days. But for some, infection from listeria can spread through the nervous system, which may lead to other symptoms, from mild headaches and a stiff neck, to loss of balance, confusion or even convulsions.

The products being recalled by Prime Foods USA are:

  • Latis brand Herring Fillet ‘Matiej’, which comes packaged in plastic containers, bearing a partial code of 01.14
  • Salmon Fillet Slices, which come packaged in  plastic containers, bearing a code 15.07.13(17JL),
  • Herring Fillet ‘Forelka,’ which comes packaged in in plastic oval type containers, and.bears a code 07.01.14(09JR)

All sizes of these products are being recalled, and the UPC codes for all of the products begins with 75100407. The product came from Latvia, and though the state of New York picked up on the problem first, they are sold nationwide.

No illnesses have been reported because of this problem to date, but anyone who may have purchased Latis Brand Seafood Products should return them to the store where they bought them, and not eat them. If you believe you may have eaten food that was recalled due to potential listeria contamination, and you feel ill, see a doctor.

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