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Holiday Drunk Driving Crackdown

Holiday Drunk Driving Crackdown: Texas Metroplex Focuses on Safety

Drunk driving is a persistent problem throughout Texas, to the point that the state is always in the top two in the nation for drunk driving deaths. It’s a problem that frustrates law enforcement agencies throughout the state. The fact is, the problem is easily avoidable, by not getting behind the wheel if you have imbibed, even a little.

The problem is more acute in some areas than others, of course, and one of the areas where the problem is at its worst is the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. According to statistics, Dallas has the fourth-highest rate of traffic fatalities overall and the fifth-highest drunk driving death rate among the 25 largest cities in the country. According to TXDOT, the counties that make up the Metroplex saw 172 people lose their lives because some people unwisely chose to drive drunk. And a disproportionate number of these crashes happen during the holiday season.

What frustrates Texas law enforcement agencies the most is the fact that while, nationally, the per capita rate of drunk driving deaths has dropped by about two-thirds over the last 30 years, the Texas rate is barely down at all, about 4% overall. This indicates that Texans simply make the wrong decision more often than people in other states.

Because of these terrible statistics, officials throughout the Metroplex are sick and tired of their reputation. This has led both Dallas and Tarrant County law enforcement to get very serious about curbing the problem this holiday season. Though they’re not used to working together, they have decided to team up to crack down hard on this problem for the entire holiday season.

It’s likely that Dallas and Tarrant County will not be the only law enforcement agencies to crack down, so you should know that you are more likely than ever to get caught driving drunk this holiday season. But that shouldn’t be your only motivation. It is important that people who have had too much to drink find an alternative to driving themselves. Whether you take public transit, or a taxi, or you have to call someone to pick you up, everyone wins. Driving drunk is a choice that no one has to make.

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