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Eagle Ford Trucking Accident Risk

Eagle Ford Trucking Accident Risk: Trucking Accidents Rank with Cartel Violence in New Report

Readers of the RHBlog, by now, are well aware of the increasing danger associated with traffic accidents in regions experiencing oil and gas booms.  The increase in traffic accidents in the Eagle Ford Shale formation is a direct result of the oil and gas drilling, production, and transportation in and around the Eagle Ford Shale.  The new oil and gas production boom involves hydraulic fracturing.  This new technique used to extract oil and gas deep under ground in shale formation requires a lot of water, chemicals, sand, equipment, and people.

All of this requires transportation and therefore, more vehicles on the road.  This increase in vehicles on roadways throughout the Eagle Ford Shale have led to increased accidents, deaths, and injuries.  In a recent report released by a major state agency and discussed in the San Antonio Express newspaper, traffic accidents in the Eagle Ford Shale region of Texas have ranked highly as a threat to public safety.

In a recently released list of public threats, a state agency has listed, along with cartel violence, trafficking of humans, and natural disasters, Eagle Ford Shale region traffic accidents.  With the oil boom growing, the number of these accidents is expected to increase.  Of all the counties, the counties that are considered to be in the core of the play–Karnes, LaSalle, and Dimmit–saw an increase in commercial motor vehicle accidents at 470% and total crashes increasing almost 100%.

The attorney at Hill Law Firm has been traveling in and around the Eagle Ford Shale communities for many years.  The increase in traffic, road wear and tear, and general dangers associated with travel in the Eagle Ford communities are very apparent by just driving through these small towns.  Communities that had very little traffic are now experiencing full-blown traffic jams.

Unfortunately, this boom has led to a serious increase in traffic accidents, traffic deaths, and injuries.  Ranking Eagle Ford Shale Traffic Accidents along with cartel violence as a threat to public safety is an eye-opener.  The Texas Oil and Gas Trucking Accident Lawyer at Hill Law Firm is well aware of the statistics and realities of living, working, and driving in the Eagle Ford Shale communities. If you have been injured with a commercial vehicle while in or around the Eagle Ford Shale formation, call the Texas Commercial Trucking Accident Lawyer at Hill Law Firm today.

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