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Eagle Ford Accidents Skyrocket

Eagle Ford Accidents Skyrocket: South Texas Communities See Large Increase in Wrecks

Those who live and work in one of the big cities in Texas, like Houston or Dallas, expect heavy traffic and traffic jams. But people living around the Eagle Ford oil boom aren’t used to the heavy traffic caused by the boom, and it’s taking its toll. The amount of traffic has more than doubled on some roads in recent years and, based on statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation, that has resulted in a significant increase in accidents.

In McMullen County, for example, the number of accidents rose from 22 accidents in 2008 to 87 in 2011; a 295.5% increase. That represents the largest percentage increase in the state. La Salle County wasn’t too far behind; they saw a 211.7 percent increase in accidents, from 60 in 2008 to 187 in 2011.

Some suggest that a lot of the problem is that a lot of the traffic increase is on roads that weren’t built to handle it. But Live Oak County, which has more highways that are better equipped for heavy truck traffic, still saw a 11.1 percent increase, from 253 accidents in 2008 to 281 in 2011.

Other counties saw significant increases in accidents during the time frame. Karnes County saw a 78.5 percent increase, from 172 to 307 accidents. Goliad County to 775. saw a 15.1 percent increase, from 93 accidents to 107. Duvall County saw a 42.5 percent increase, from 80 accidents to 114. And Jim Wells County saw a 10.4 percent increase, from 702.

Of the 87 accidents in McMullen County in 2011, 37 caused serious injuries, and four people died. A total of 46 of the accidents involved commercial vehicles, with 16 of those leading to 19 serious injuries and one death. Of the 281 accidents in Live Oak County, 93 left people seriously injured, and nine people died. Commercial vehicles were involved in 54 of those accidents, and caused 12 serious injuries and one death.

Many aspects of the Eagle Ford Shale oil boom in West Texas are great. But with those positives come a number of negatives, such as a huge increase in Eagle Ford accidents, and with it a greater number of injuries and fatalities. If you or a loved one were injured due to an auto accident in the Eagle Ford Shale region, you should contact a Texas Truck Wreck Attorney whom has experience handling these types of claims. Call the Texas Trucking Accident Lawyer at Hill Law Firm to discuss your legal rights today.


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