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E. Coli Outbreak in Brazos County Injures Kids

E. Coli Outbreak in Brazos County Injures Kids: Two in Texas Children’s Hospital with Life-Threatening Strain

An outbreak of E. Coli in Brazos County, Texas has sickened many children.  The exact source of the E. Coli is currently under investigation.  Unfortunately, at least two children have contracted life threatening strands of E. Coli and are currently in Texas Children’s Hospital undergoing dialysis.  Doctors report the children are now listed as stable.  However, the use of dialysis may mean these children have developed a very serious and rare consequence of E. Coli called hemolytic uremic syndrome.

E. coli are a diverse group of bacteria commonly associated with food poisoning and contaminated food recalls. While some strains of E. coli do not cause harm, other strains of E. Coli can make people sick, permanently injured people, and can kill. Without a doubt, E. Coli is one of the biggest dangers associated with improperly handled food.  The recent outbreak in Brazos County, Texas, is another stark reminder of the dangers of unsafe food.

According to recent reports, the Brazos County Health Department and the Texas Department of State Health Services are in the process of investigating five cases of a potentially fatal strain of E. coli that has stricken a number of County residents. Officials have confirmed that two young brothers, 18-month-old Noah Melton and 4-year-old Jack Melton, are in fair condition at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, after becoming infected with E. coli bacteria. While under round-the-clock care, they have undergone dialysis, and blood transfusions.

In addition to the children, three local adults have also been confirmed to contracted an E. coli infection, while three other cases are suspected, but haven’t been confirmed. All of the confirmed cases were infected by the 0157:H7 strain, the symptoms of which can include bloody diarrhea, stomach cramps and vomiting. In some extreme cases, infection can lead to HUS, kidney failure and possibly death. As is evident in this case, children are at special risk from E. coli infection, as are the elderly and those with weakened immune systems.

Investigators will continue their search for a source of the E. coli contamination cases. Right now, their efforts are focused on researching the food patients ate during the week or two before they became infected, to determine the potential source, which could be a problem somewhere in the food supply chain.

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