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Dog Mauling in Texas Kills 4 Year Old

Dog Mauling in Texas Kills 4 Year Old by Dog Bite Attack Injury Lawyer Hill Law Firm

According to, 1,000 people require medical treatment every day for dog bites.  Of the dog bites reported over the past thirty (30) years, a few breeds of dogs were responsible for the vast majority of dog attacks.  In Conroe, Texas this week, one child was killed due to a dog attack by a pit bull.  According to the Houston Chronicle, criminal charges will likely not be filed against the owner of a pit bull that killed a four year old child.  The child climbed a chain link fence and when it entered the yard with the pit bull, was attacked.  Although the pit bull was chained in the back yard, it was able to reach the child and attack it.

Dog attacks remain a very serious problem in neighborhoods across the United States and Texas.  Many innocent people are killed every year by dog attacks.  Those victims that survive dog attacks, often require years of medical and psychological treatment to deatl with the damage caused by the dog attack.  The Dog Bite Attorneys at Hill Law Firm is here to help those whom have been injured or lost loved ones as the result of a dog attack.  Hill Law Firm knows the law and will do what is necessary to get you the best result for your case.  Call Hill Law Firm today for a free consultation regarding your dog bite case.

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